Neuro | 02


Neuro - The culprit is you!
Screencaps, Raw, srt

Spoilers ahead.

Summary: A female student walks across a busy intersect while using her cellphone. After passing through a crowd, she suddenly develops a wound on her chest and keels over dead. Yako’s friend knew the girl and asks her investigate the suspicious death. Their only lead is that she was a part of the online community called Links.

– The episode is filled with comedic images of Neuro looking spaced out.

– Godai brings up the dog food gag from the last episode, “I told you I’m not a dog!” he yells, then whips out his gun and has a faceoff with Neuro. The background music makes it even funnier. It’s sounds like carnival music which is fitting for the motley crew brought together by Neuro.

– Ichigaki’s expression when Sasazuka crushes the ultra special limited edition toy is too funny.

– This episode clears up any ambiguity regarding Godai in the animation. He’s definately human. He gets stabbed protecting Yako and bleeds red blood.

– Moral of the story: hanging out online too much will turn you into a freakish murder. lolz


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