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Night Wizard
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Spoilers ahead.

Cast and Terminology
Uncle – Eris’s name for her secret benefactor, they will meet on her next birthday
Eris – or Elis or Alice, a transfer student with mysterious bracelet joins the fight against the Emulators
Anzelot – or Anzelotte, is the protector of the world, assigns the Night Wizards missions, old as dirt
Rikai – another world where dark beings live
Emulators – denizens of Rikai
Wizards – humans with magical powers
Artifact – magical weapons/tools
Lunar Robe – a type of barrior that shields Wizards, it can be used for storage and regulating temperature
Akihabara – city where Kimei students live
Laala Muu – emulator sent by Bell Zephyr to retrieve the second Jewel of Virtues
Rion Gunta – an emulator who resides with Bell Zephyr, always seen reading a book
Bow Tex – Kureha’s crossbow attack
Enchant Flame – or Enchanted Flame, Hiiragi’s special sword attack
Akari – wizard, wielder of Gunner’s Broom


A staff marks where a battle(?) took place when the red headed girl arrives. By her feet is a shattered cellphone. She says, “I didn’t make it in time.” Screeches signal Emulators are coming so she summons Gunner’s Broom and delivers retribution.

Comment: The cellphone indicates humans were there. But were they fellow night wizard comrades or hapless humans killed by Emulators? She doesn’t show any emotion but she looks plenty pissed when she summons her gun. Beware her BOOM STICK!

On a bright sunny day, Elis addresses her uncle (her mysterious benefactor) about the latest development at school. It seems a new student is joining her class, Kureha’s childhood friend, Hiiragi Renji! Starting from that day forward, Junior (3rd year) student Hiiragi is now a Sophomore. The teacher explains it’s due to family circumstances and asks his students to welcome and accept him as a classmate even though he’s older. Hiiragi looks miserable as the classroom gossip about him (a male student calls him the rumored “Falling Man” Hiiragi.)

Comment: LOLZ

Think Failing Man is a better translation but whatever.

Eris says his suffering is her fault, and the story fades to a flashback of her meeting with Anzelot in the last episode.

Anzelot explains the situation to Eris. Inhabitants of a hidden world call Rikai are trying to invade the human world which exists parallel with each other. She brings up AnzelotTV for a visual presentation.

The creatures of myth and legend: dragons, Minotaur, Medusa, nosferatu (vampires), oni (ogres), etc., are all invaders from Rikai called Emulators. Science is powerless against Emulators (guns, missles, bombs, etc). The only ones who can combat them are Wizards.

She says Eris is also a Wizard, the proof is her bracelet. She tells her the incantation to invoke the bracelet, “Protect me.” The moment Eris think the words the bracelet expands and form a shield around her. Anzelot tells her the artifact is called Eyes of the World. When she tries to touch one, they all return to her left wrist. She’s speechless.

There’s still more. As a newly awakened Wizard, she also gains a Lunar Robe. Kureha gives Eris a demonstration and pulls a fan out of thin air. It’s a type of personal barrier that shields a Wizard and can be used to keep their personal effects, like weapons.

The problem at hand is the sudden surge in Emulator appearances. The abnormal influx is putting a strain on the Wizards (Hiiragi was called into actions 3 times in one day) and poses a threat to the ignorant humans unaware of the ongoing war. In short, the human world is on the brink of destruction. Anzelot, the protector of the world, is formulating a counterattack eliminating the problem at the source.

However, the plan requires opening a path to Rikai. The only who can do it is Eris. Anzelot tells her the the bracelet currently has the Gem of Kindness one of the Seven Jewels of Virtue scattered across the world. The jewels appear frequently throughout history during times of strife because people fought to possess it’s power.

Eris is frightened and asks why did the jewel attach to her bracelet. It’s because your the chosen one answers Anzelot. Only she has the ability to detect and recover the Seven Jewels that can open the gateway to Rikai. Meaning, the fate of the world is in her hands.

With that, Anzelot tells Eris to answer “Hai”(Yes) or “Yes” to her request: recover the remaining six Jewels of Virtue.

Comment: Another translation is “okay” or “yes”. It all means the same thing. She’s not giving anyone an option other than an affirmative.

Eris surprises Hiiragi and Kureha when she agrees immediately without thinking. Anzelot warns her the quest won’t be easy. The Great Dark Lord Bell Zephyr will try to thwart their plans and send wave after wave of Emulators after them. Eris is resolute. She’s had the bracelet since birth without knowing why but since learning of it’s true meaning she’s filled with a sense of purpose and duty. She wants to do what she can for the sake of the world.

With that, Anzelot places her under the care of Hiiragi and Kureha. Hiiragi seems to think Kureha is unreliable. Offended, she threatens to reveal his super secret to Eris. He recants and welcomes her as a valuable team member. In her usual flair, Anzelot insults and praises Hiiragi but she highly rates his skill as a swordsman. She assigns him to guard Eris 24 hours a day. To make his task easier, she’s already taken care of matters at Kimei Academy.

And that’s what happened. Now in class with Eris, Hiiragi is the target of gossip by classmates who’re amazed a student was lowered a grade instead of being held back, “He’s got to be a real idiot.” Hiiragi bravely withstands the shame and humiliation forced on him like a real man. Eris feels terrible about the situation and promises her uncle to work hard so Hiiragi can go back to being a junior.

Comment: LOLZ again

According to Hiiragi, Eris lives in the best apartment complex in the city. Her apartment is spacious and a top floor rental too. It’s blush city when it hits home Hiiragi, a guy, is going to live with Eris, a girl. He calls dibs on the sofa but Kureha swoops in and chucks him out into the balcony then throws him enough gear to set up camp. Kureha finally comes to give him dinner for the evening, a can of dog food. He pitches a fit but she was just joking.The whole time he was out in the balcony, the girls were setting up a commemoration dinner party for the new team.

Hiiragi is already asleep after the party but the girls chat before hittin’ the hay. Kureha praises Eris for reading books in english. Eris tells her that particular book is important to her. Much like the book’s heroine, Judy Abbott, she also has a benefactor who is like a “Daddy Long-Legs” (Project Gutenburg, LibriVox, Jean Webster) to her, and they will finally meet on her next birthday. Moved by news of a reunion, Kureha makes it their mission to find all the jewels before then. Eris’s last thought’s before falling asleep is of her “uncle”.

Comment: Daddy Long-Legs is a novel by Jean Webster about a young girl who communicates with her secret benefactor only through letters. She calls him daddy long-legs because she only caught a glimpse of his tall shadow as he was leaving that fateful day.

Hiiragi finally gets to attend school but he sleeps right through science class. The trio eat lunch on the roof together where Eris shows them she can already use the Lunar Robe. There’s no news of the Jewels so the topic moves to Anzelot. Eris thinks she amazing for a young girl but Hiiragi calls her an old woman. As if on cue, Anzelot suddenly arrives in chopper and none to happy about his remark. So she gives him a special ride (airlift) back to her castle while the girls get a comfortable limo ride.

Anzelot treats them to a special tea but Hiiragi is pissed and wants to get business done and over with. She tells them the second jewel is on the continent of Magallanica where another Wizard will come and join them. They’re taken to the castle transporter room and sent on their merry way.

Hiiragi takes in the surrounding and guess they’ve been dropped the South Pole. Kureha tells Eris their Lunar Robes are protecting them from the cold. Hiiragi was obviously not paying attention during Anzelot’s briefing about Magallanica so the girls tell him it was a great civilization that existed in the southern hemisphere during the time of ancient Greece and even shows up in Nippon geography literature. Hiiragi thinks it’s made up crap but Eris believes it because her bracelet is reacting then points out the legendary ruins. Hiiragi can’t believe his eyes.

Bell Zephyr watches the party in her mirror and thinks they’re in Antartica but another voice corrects her and says they’re really in Magallanica. Bell commands Laala Muu to retrieve the Jewel or kill Eris. Bell Zephyr wants to make a bet with Rion on whether Eris can get the second Jewel. She calls it a game.

Hiiragi and company search the ruins. Eris is suddenly fixated by the towering statue at the heart of the city. Her pupil’s glow and she gets a headache. She’s reminded of Anzelot telling her she has the power to find the jewels.

The party is unaware Laala is already there. A red moon suddenly appears behind her and bathes the ruins in red light. The ruins shake as an Emulator is summoned. Hiiragi calls it a golem. The battle with the golem isn’t going well and it attacks Eris. Hiiragi gets there just in time to block a direct hit. Then out of the blue Gunner’s Broom knocks a hole in the golem’s head. The letters inscribed in it’s head flare as it disappears. The red head tells them a golem’s weakness is the letters on it’s head. She expresses dissapointment in Hiiragi’s performance. Kureha calls her Akari. She’s their reinforcement.

Eris thinks she’s from Kemei Academy because of her outfit. Hiiragi confirms Akari is a fellow student from class 2-3. She makes fun of him for being lowered a grade (again) and calls him “Falling Man”, which pisses him off.

Laala doesn’t seem perturbed by the new party member and summons a slew of golems to crush them.

Parting Thoughts

– The narration style makes more sense after the Daddy Long-Legs explanation. Like the book, Eris narrates the for and addresses the narrations to her “uncle”, her mysterious benefactor. I’m thinking she only addresses her uncle in thought since she’s never seen writing to her benefactor.

– Hiiragi has a strange relationship with Anzelot. The way she has him wrapped around her finger, is it because he’s easy to manipulate or is it because she has something over him.

– What if Hiiragi is Eris’s secret benefactor? Maybe she’s his long lost sister. Granted they don’t look anything alike but it would explain him blushing that time in her apt. He was happy to see his sister or whoever she is to him, and there’s the big secret he doesn’t want Eris to know. Though it could be something silly like he wet his pants until he was 13.

– The story is terribly simple so people who want real substance should stay away. Might want to try it out for goofy fun. Wonder how long viewers will stay interested with only Hiiragi as the comic relief though.

– Was slightly bored watching this episode. Hope it picks up next episode.


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