Dragonaut | 01


Spoilers ahead.

Cast and Terminology
Kamishina Jin – only survivor of a tragic spaceship accident that claimed his entire family
Captain Kamishina – Jin’s father and pilot of ISDA 029
Ai – Jin’s sister
Jin’s mother – an astronaut who has business on the moon, takes her family with her
Tachibana Kazuki – Jin’s best friend
ISDA 029 – commercial space ship piloted by Jin’s father on that fateful day
Lyna/Lina/Liner Cromwell – commander of the ISDA’s Lindwurm Unit
Howling Star – drives Lyna Cromwell from the broadcast station
Professor Nozaki – scientist at ISDA
Akira – ISDA official who drives Kazuki to his Resonace session
Yonamine – a man who collects information for an ISDA scientist
New Ogasawara City – location of civilian attacks by unknown perpetrator(s)
Commander Sakaki – ISDA offical
Toa – pink haired girl who saves Jin from the blue monster

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Jin is going to the moon with his family (mother and sister, his father will pilot the space ship that will take them to outer space). His best friend sees him off at the space port.

Deep in outer space, three objects jettison from a dark planet that looks like an eye.

On the space ship, Jin is teased by his younger sister about his lack of appeal to girls. She then admires a silver bracelet adorning her left wrist. Three objects enter earth’s atmosphere just as the space ship takes off. The ship’s internal warning system activate too late and the ship is instantly destroyed. The people below who saw off friends and family are shocked at the sudden tragedy. Jin freefalls alone and blacks out.

It’s another day, Jin looks looks well and says a greeting to a picture of his family. Downstairs is is a scene of his family eating breakfast. He says offscreen, “Since then, I’ve been alone.” It’s 7:22 am.

Comment: WTF, Kazuki and Jin look exactly the same. Is this lack of imagination from the character desigers or done on purpose to reflect their tight friendship. Though Kazuki seems happy Jin is going out to space, there’s some envy there too. Possible conflict in the future? Guessing maybe a couple of years passed since then, he hasn’t grown that much but his looks have more personality now. Is he imagining his family downstairs or is it some kind of holographic simulation?

OP credits show Kazuki and Jin are no longer the friends they used to be. Since they’re shown with their backs to each other, speculate they go separate ways. There’s a snapshot of half a silver band. It looks like the bracelet Jin’s sister was wearing. It has “From Jin” inscribed on the outside. Various new characters are introduced with clips of conflict indicating the red planet as the source. Spoiler images of characters summoning dragons. Set to “perfect blue” by ATSUMI. Watch the OP at Youtube.

The red planet is called Thanatos by Lyna Cromwell on a television broadcast. It’s currently in orbit around Pluto. Though it’s currently out of Earth’s range, Lyna states ISDA is continuing the D-Project in case Thanatos approaches earth again. He reports successful testing of new missils that will obliterate planets 15 kilometers in diameter and will move to Phase 3. The host moves onto the next topic about “phantom assualts” at Ogasawara Terminal City.

A man is lounging outside in a parked car. He spots Jin and pesters him with a magazine article. The article shows a picture of him with the caption ” The Suspicious Survivor!!” Jin ignores him. The man confirms two years has passed since the accident. Jin is the sole survivor. He calls Jin’s father a “failed pilot”. He also heard Jin doesn’t get along with his host family. Jin tells the man to leave him alone and sprints for the bus. He spots a girl with pink across the street but she’s gone before he can get picture.

Comment: Ah, they’re his adopted family. I’m so used to seeing anime kids living alone, thought it was his imagination. Nailed the time lapse though. Woot. The auburn haired guy has to be a tabloid journalist. Too early to figure out his angle but he seems to know the pink haired girl. She’s either an alien or some special government agent/experiment. Maybe she’s part of the “phantom assaults”.

Outside a building (television network station), a crowd of squealing fangirls are waiting for Lyna. An amused man with wild, red hair is waiting outside. Lyna addresses him as Howling Star.

The bus is abuzz with gossip about the tabloid article on Jin. It’s evident they believe in the rumors but he doesn’t say anything. The bus stops at a school and everybody gets off except Jin.

Comment: The broadcast indicates people know Thanatos threw those objects that destroyed the spacecraft so I don’t get why he’s the target of suspicion. Shouldn’t they be worshiping him as a miracle survivor? Touch him and all your ailments will disappear! Where’s his best friend, why is no one defending him?

Elsewhere, the man who heckled Jin that morning is showing a blurred picture of the pink haired girl to a woman. She states she can’t tell if the girl is a “Communicator of Album” from the photo. She wants to capture the girl to study her. Their business talk ends when he comments on her wearing her work outfit to their meeting. The talk that follows reveal he’s providing her with risky information, and he has a thing for her.

Comment: “Communicator” meaning alien? The guy makes a comment about her lab coat when she’s showing off that much cleavage. He needs to get glasses because his focus is off. But it’s obvious they have some history. Unrequited love? Ex-girlfriend? Ex-wife?

The woman showers in a strange stall. She walks out in a white space suit and enters a room with a huge tank, inside is the silhouette of huge creature. She greets a man already in the room, Professor Nozaki. She tells him they’re going to perform another “Resonance” that night.

Comment: That was a brilliant cut. For second, the shower scene fools the viewer into thinking they got it on. I take it the giant shadow in the glass tube is what fell out of the sky.

Jin is among a crowd of spectators who watch a space ship launch. The sight only brings out his sorrow over the loss of his family. Perched on the roof of a building high above him is the pink haired girl.

That evening, it’s none other than Jin’s friend, Kazuki, getting teased by a woman, Akira, who’s driving him somewhere. She’s chastised by a woman with long blue hair sitting in the passenger seat. The car drives up to a ISDA facility.

Comment: So Kazuki joins ISDA but Jin doesn’t. Maybe he wants nothing to do with ISDA since his family died on a ISDA flight. Perhaps the two friends will have a dispute over ideology in the near future.

Elsewhere, a man staggers up a flight of stairs. When he reaches the roof, a woman is there waiting.

Comment: Scantly clad women with barely enough fabric to cover their nipples all over the place. The boobs are so big, makes one wonder if somethings hidden in the cleavage. This reminds of a conversation I once had with another dude about how females in comics were nothing more than half naked eye candy for guys but he pointed out that the men were also oversexed eye candy as they were frequently drawn with abnormally large muscles, always depicted in a tense state (muscles can’t be seen unless it’s being flexed), and always drawn in heroic proportions (average male is actually squat and soft around the middle). Ah, man that brought up the funniest image of a guy looking constipated because he’s flexing the hell out of his muscles to look like a cool stud.

Kazuki is alone in a chamber with a large orb with a beating nucleus to begin the Resonance. The lab coat woman observed from an observation room. A group of of people also observe the Resonance via closed caption TV in another room, Howling Star is among them watching. Kazaki walks up to the orb and places his right arm inside. The nucleus responds by thrusting tentacles deep into his arm. The pain drives Kazuki to his knees as matter is transfered (exchanged?) inside the transparent tentacles before it withdraws back to the nucleus. The scientist congratulate Kazuki on successful Resonance. He is officially a Dragonaut. He calls the orb “my Dragon.”

Comment: Well if people want fairness, here’s a guy who’s completely nekkid. lolz. So the Resonance is really code for bonding with a dragon embryo. Wondering if this is something the scientists created from the three fallen objects. Giant embryo is creeeepy.

Back on the rooftop, the male begs the woman for something but she’s a harsh mistress and toys with him.

Comment: Is that Revy’s seiyuu??

As Jin walks across a bridge, a blue humanoid beast jumps across above him like it’s flying. It preys on a woman walking by a construction site. Her scream draws Jin who’s in the area but he flees in terror when he witnesses a gruesome sight: the the beast is eating the woman. A male wearing headphones orders the beast to chase Jin.

The beast attacks Jin who defly dodges it’s attacks by the skin of his teeth. He fights back but a solid hit to it’s face with a metal pipe doesn’t make a mark on the monster. Outside, the camera man checks on the bloody woman. She’s still alive.

Jin is finally cornered. The force of the monster’s punch that sends him flying out of the building. As falls out of the building, it reminds of that day when people rained down from the destroyed spaceship. He reached for his mother and sister who clung to each other but they were killed by falling debrise. Instead of plummeting to his death, a bright light came and engulfed him.

Comment: Check it, the monster is wearing sneakers. Meaning he used to be human?

The pink haired girl who was tailing him the whole day leaps after Jin and rescues him. The monster follows in pursuit. The camera man gets a clear snapshot of the girl, confirming she’s a “Communicator”. He finally identify’s himself as Yonamine.

Comment: I’m a sucker for kung-fu style city hoping.

At an ISDA control room, Commander Sakaki is informed a confirmed “Album” sighting in Ogasawara City. The lab coat woman requests the dispact of Dragonauts to capture the the “Album”. There is some dissent with following the scientist’s request but the commander complies. He glances at a monitor filled with text, in the corner is a picture of little girl in a yellow dress. In another room, an old man with sharp sideburns looks out of a window as if waiting.

Comment: If I’m not mistaken, Commander Sakaki is voiced by Berserker’s (HSD Kenichi) seiyuu. He has a distinctive voice quality so it’s hard to miss.

The blue monster grabs the girl’s left leg but a force burst throws him off. The both land and engage in combat. The monster is hit by a truck, in the explosion that flows the girl makes a getaway with Jin. The beast walks out of the flames unscathed but retreats when a car approaches. An old man emerges and opens the back door for a young girl. She’s irritated the monster got away.

In the outskirts of the city, Jin wakes up just as dawn approaches. He’s disoriented at first but immediately recalls the harrowing ordeal with the monster. When he sees the girl, the rest of the events from that night flood back. Her name is Toa. The episode ends with, “At that moment, I realized— I was not alone.”

The ED is snapshots of character pairs set to a mediocre song, “Rain Of Love” by Yukari Fukui. Watch the ED at Youtube.

Previews reveal Kazuki and Jin meet up at ISDA. Whether he was caught by the Dragonauts or invited to the compound remains to be seen.

Parting Thoughts

What’s with the old school SFX for the spaceship launch in the intro? You’d think with all the CG they use in the show they could afford to upgrade the sound too. Revy’s seiyuu doesn’t make an appearance in this anime but she’s the voice for Chiba in Bamboo Blade. Would’ve never guessed that. Didn’t notice it at first but Jin is clutching his sister’s bracelet on the bus ride to school. He managed to find that how? The little girl seems to be related to Commander Sakaki but the way she’s depicted in the OP, she might be dead. It’s confirmed, Nakata Jouji (as Berserker in HSD Kenichi) is Sakaki’s seiyuu. Oddly enough, it’s the name of a character from his last project. After thinking it over, Jin’s father may have been crucified by the media and/or used as a scapegoat by ISDA.

ANN for more production info.


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