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Dragonaut - Jin and Toa
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Spoilers ahead.

Cast and Terminology

Professor Kitajima – female scientist working for ISDA and Yonamine’s object of interest
Cannon Battery Island – Toa and Jin escape to the northern mountains on the island after Toa discovers they’re being watched by ISDA
Machina – Akira’s silver-blue haired female dragon
Amagi – crazy Dragonaut who shoots at Jin, he’s the real phantom killer in episode 1 (Spirytus merely performed the dirty work)
Spirytus – Amagi’s communicator (aka dragon)
Communicator – a dragon’s human form aka communicator form
Resonance Connect – or Resonance Connection is the mental rapport shared between human master and his dragon, allows humans to control dragons
Dragons – extraterrestrials from Thanatos, scientists have figured out how to bind them to serve humans in their fight against Thanatos
Shoreside or Astronomy Park – (name varies with translation) Spirytus goes wild and attacks Jin at the park, risking witness and civilian casualties
Actualize or Actualization – when a dragon transforms/reverts to it’s true form


Flashback of 20 years ago from the present. Officers are busy retrieving images on a miliary base filled with satellites. The first image displayed is the red eyed planet later called Thanatos. One of the head officers is disturbed more than the rest by what he sees. He’s the much younger Commander Sakaki.

Jin wakes up in a large cell-like room stripped of all his clothes. He has a flashback of Toa telling him she’d wait for him a the lighthouse before she disappears. The goth girl from that night shows up and demands he come with her. Her chauffeur floats down behind him and knocks him out with a pulse of light from his right hand.

He angrily demands his freedom to a camera monitoring his movements. A voice identifies ISDA is detaining him because they want to discuss the shuttle accident with him. The girl and chauffeur who captured him enters the holding cell. In his surprise, the bedding sheet slips and Jin flashes them. She comically mutters, “A small man.”

Kazuki tells his his name to a man suspended in blue orb and calls him Gio.

Comment: Whoa. So the dragons look like humans when they’re born. Which clears up a whole lot of things in episode 1. Everyone watching the Resonance via TV was a pair: dragonaut (human) and dragon (communicator). So the goth chick’s chauffeur is actually her dragon which explains the flying and glowing hands. Also explains Howling’s weird name, he’s Lyna’s dragon.

In the main laboratory, one of the assistants explains to Professor Kitajima that Kazuki mistook the dragon’s serial number G-10 for Gio.

Jin demands explanations from Commander Sakaki in the main ISDA (International Solar System Development Agency) control room.

20 years ago Thanatos destroyed Pluto. Despite reports it will never come to Earth, Sakaki claims the shuttle accident is irrefutable proof to the contrary. To dispel any doubts he shows Jin the “extraterrestrial” dubbed “Dragon” that came from Thanatos. It’s what crashed into the shuttle two years ago.

Jin is livid because they let his father take the blame for the shuttle explosion. They refuse to clear his father’s name because of the consequences of revealing an alien invasion.

Comment: This type of plot hole sucks. They could easily sell the public some kind of bogus answer. Blame anyone and everything to keep the truth hidden. If they don’t want to point the finger at anyone then blame it on a stray meteorite, it’s hard to sue a force of nature.

Sakaki gets impatient with Jin, and tells him to become a Dragonaut and fight Thanatos to get revenge for his family death. He refuses until they exonerate his father.

Comment: Oh? Jin’s got backbone.

He’s about to leave but goth girl reminds him he doesn’t really have a home to go back to. The awkward tension is broken by Kazuki’s entrance to the control room but it’s replaced by another awkward silence. The two friends are too shocked for words when they see each other.

Kazuki accompanies Jin in the car ride to his accommodations provided by ISDA. It’s through him viewers learn Jin was a space cadet before he quit the academy after the shuttle accident. When they were kids, the two made a promise they’d go to space together. Kazuki doesn’t understand why Jin refused to join the Dragonauts since it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill their promise and asks him again to join.

Comment: Mighty clever of ISDA to send Kazuki. Using an old friend to get Jin to become a Dragonaut, oldest trick in the book.

Instead of falling for his friends appeal, he asks Kazuki if he knew his father was innocent. Kazuki says he knew only after joining the Dragonauts. His answer confirms Jin’s suspicions and he closes himself off from any further discourse.

Lyna expresses reservations about having Jin join the Dragonauts. Sakaki thinks it’s benefical to acquire the girl he calls an “Album”, citing the boy’s acquaintance with the girl makes the task easier.

Comment: Besides the conspiracy angle, what was left unsaid by Jin to Kazuki, “If you knew, why did you leave me alone?” Another thing, it’s friggin wierd calling Jin’s GF an “Album” they better have a good explanation for that.

Lyna asks if Professor Kitajima knows the plan. Sakaki responds by telling him to keep her in the dark. Sakaki is positive Jin will see the “Album” again, and when they meet, he’ll use whatever means necessary to capture her. Though Lyna accepts the orders, Sakaki watches him leave from the corner of his eyes and Lyna follows suit. The two seem to have different agendas and don’t trust each other completely.

Jin is tries to sort out everything he’s learned but it only angers and confuses him. The only clarity comes from thoughts of Toa who’s waiting for him at the lighthouse. Yonamine is waiting outside and signals the tail to begin when Jin dashes outside.

True to her word, Toa is waiting for him at the lighthouse. They hang out under the setting sun. He wants to talk about the previous night but she tells him he only needs to remember that they met.
Comment: Anime kids blush too easily.

The two are blissfully unaware they’re being observed by ISDA. The goth girl who captured Jin is watching them. She swears, “I won’t let you go this time.”

Comment: So when she said “he got away” in the last episode, she actually ment Jin and Toa. Doesn’t anyone care about the monster preying on girls at construction sites?

Jin asks Toa if she’s ever been to space and viewed Earth. She has. She plops onto her back to gaze at the sky before replying, “It looked like a beautiful star.” Jin follows suit and the two hold hands again. Toa suddenly looks at the camera observing them and smashes it (psi attack?).

A fleet of armored vehicles leave leave the ISDA compund. Sakaki briefs the Dragonauts on the situation: Toa and Jin fled the compound (ISDA Observatory). Lindwurm Unit are told to capture them with their Communicators, with weapon use permitted if necessary. Kazuki is unhappy at hearing the orders. Outside the city, Howling leads the Communicators over the city in search of the two.

Elsewhere, Yonamine enters a room that’s been trashed.

Back outside, the ISDA forces triangulate on Toa and Jin. Just when she tells him to beware of the agency, they’re surrounded. Toa makes a break for it but Machina traps them with a water like whip. Toa breaks free then hides Jin in the forest before she leads the Communicators away but Jin follows her. Toa is surrounded by Howling and the others on the bridge. The tattoos on a Communicator flare up but he sounds like he’s in pain.

There’s an explosion as Jin arrives at the bridge. He’s stopped by Kazuki who points a gun at him. He’s scared and confused by the unraveling events and wants Jin to join ISDA so everything can go back to normal.

Comments: Kazuki has a queer sense of logic. Friends don’t point guns at each other. A real friend will let friends make choices for themselves.

Jin finds it unbelievable Kazuki has the audacity to call himself a best friend after hunting him down like an animal and pointing a gun at him. “Is that what friends are?!” he cries. Then he says in dispair, “I really am alone.”

Kazuki lowers his gun but another Dragonaut, Amagi, raises his gun. It’s the headphone guy who made the blue monster chase after Jin.

Comment: WTF.

He pulls the trigger but Toa rushes in and takes the bullet for Jin. The bullet wound heals as she carries him off again and fulfills her promise to return for him.

Comment: Isn’t this where the guy heroically steps into save the day?

Jin’s concern for her is touching and she rewards him by stealing his first kiss.

Comment: LOLz, what a man.

She tells him, “You’re not alone. You have me.”

Comment: Dang she’s a player. She knows exactly what say to win him over.

The other Communicators give chase while Kazuki calls after his friend. He questions Agami’s actions but the Dragonaut has lost it. His Communicator walks out of the fire and transforms into the same monster that attacked the woman and Jin at the construction site.

Meanwhile, Yonamine drives like a bat out of hell. “Amagi is— !”

Amagi’s pyschotic breakdown severs his connection with Spirytus causing the dragon to actualize, regain his true form. Out of control, it eats Amagi and flys off. The other Communicators break off pursuit to chase after Spirytus. Lyna spells out the worse case scenario, without a master to form a Resonance Connection the dragon goes wild. The old man with sharp side burns has a fit when he sees the Spirytus in true form. Sakaki impassively watches the events unfold from ISDA’s control room until he’s told the dragon is getting close to civilians at a local park.

Comment: Opened up a whole can of worms, Sakaki.

Spirytus chases after Jin and Toa to the park. When the dragon attacks Jin directly she summons a barrier to stop it. She asks him to close his eyes when he asks her what she is but he can’t advert his eyes when she transforms into a dragon.

She leaves the bewildered Jin’s side to stop Spirytus but will he welcome her back with open arms?

To be continued—

Parting Thoughts

– I’m wondering if Amagi was twisted to begin with or if he was warped by the Resonance with his dragon.
– “KA-ZU-KI.” The way Jin’s friend says his name to Gio was like Heroic Age all over again. “A-G-E.” His voice actor is none other than Kakihara Tetsuya or Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
– Have to feel sorry for Jin. He’s withdrawn because no one was there for him and his father after the accident. He shouldered the brunt of the gossip and accusations all that time and the only thing Kazuki is concerned about is why he quit the space acedemy. Selfish and naive kid lacking any empathy.
– Going to start using Liner Cromwell instead of Lyna Cromwell cuz Lyna is lame!
– An alternate translation for “Album” is “Alwurm” which is more in line with Liner’s name for his unit “Linwurm”. In ye old European history, dragons were also called wurms. Not sure what the prefix “Al-” and “Lin-” stand for yet or if it even has a meaning.
– Hope they develop the wasp-ish little goth girl in the near future and explain why she has the charisma of a bowling ball.
– If Jin <3 Toa then Jin + Toa = alien luv’n. Hawt! Go Jin, you stud!


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