Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro | Characters


Main Cast

Neuro 脳噛ネウロ Nougami Neuro
Unsatisfied after eating all the mysteries in the demon world, Neuro goes to the human world to find and eat the ultimate mystery. He sets up a detective agency with the human girl, Yako, as the detective while he plays the assistant. He threatens and abuses his minions though he’s the perfect gentleman in front of others.
Quote: “You dare to make me wait this long, slave?”
1st Appearance: E01

Yako 桂木弥子 Katsuragi Yako
A young high school student who’s popular with the locals because she’s a successful “student detective”. What they don’t know is that she really works for the tyrannical, mystery eating demon, Neuro, who masquerades as her assistant but is in fact, the real detective (he uses her as a proxy to do the actual deductive work to solve cases from the shadows). A food connoisseur with a healthy appetite and peerless stomach.
Quote: “Is there nothing good left to eat?”
Birthday: March 10
Age: 16
Height: 159cm
Weight: 43kg
1st appearance: E01

Godai吾代忍 Godai Shinobu
Quote: “That’s DOG FOOD!”

1017212434.jpgあかねちゃん Akane-chan
A ghost living in the wall of Neuro’s detective office. The only visible part of her is her braided hair which she uses to communicate with Neuro and Yako.
1st appearance: E03

Sasazuka 笹塚衛士 Sasazuka Eishi
Police Inspector. He was assisgned Yako’s case in the past to solve the gruesome death of her father.
Note worthy moment: Destroys Ishigaki’s Doshiroto Musume figurine collection.
Birthday: July 20
Age: 31
Height: 181cm
Weight: 70kg
Favorite Alcohol: Souju
Health: Low blood pressure
1st Appearance: E01

Ishigaki 石垣筍 Ishigaki Jun
Police Inspector and Sasazuka’s spirited partner.
Birthday: April 18
Age: 24
Height: 174cm
Weight: 63kg
1st appearance: E01

Cast from Mystery Cases

Shirota Shirota
Owner and head chef of the prestigous restaurant Supreme Shirota. Patrons who eat from the french menu is said to experience miracles. He hires Yako and calls in the police inspectors to deal with threatening letters.
1st appearance: E01

Unno Unno Kouji
Sous Chef at Supreme Shirota. He’s mysteriously murdered while surrounded by people.
1st appearance: E01

1st appearance: E02

1st appeaerance: E03

Other Cast

1st appearance: E01

1017212003.jpg Yako’s mother
1st appearance: E03

00010.jpg Fanboy
1st appearance: E03

00892.jpg TV Personality
1st appearance: E03

777 Tools of Hell

Evil Javelin
Neuro summons this tool from his arms. The weapon doesn’t cut but rather analyzes all matter it touches.
1st appearance: E01

Evil Friday
A tool summoned from Neuro’s mouth. It’s a gooey cluster of mechanical eyeballs that act as an extension of his sight. Whatever they see, he can see.
1st appearance: E03

Evil Comedy
A mask that embeds itself around the eyes of the target and causes terrible hallucinations. This time Neuro turns a bullet into a strange insect like object instead of creating it out of his body then throws it between the target’s eyes.
1st appearance: E03


4 Responses to “Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro | Characters”

  1. SamHatakeSanFurude Says:

    OMG I love Ishigaki!! I’m so glad he’s young!!!!!

  2. magibai Says:

    i hope there will be an episode where neuro go to yako’s school…mayb he become an replacement teacher…LOLZ

  3. anime_girl Says:

    I really love this Neuro guy.Sometime he looks very cute.
    love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chibiboo Says:

    u didn’t include Sai… ;_; I luv Sai! ^_^
    Anyways I loved this anime so much!

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