Bamboo Blade | Characters


Muroe Private High School

Kujirou 石田 虎侍 Ishida “Kojirou” Toraji
Teacher and Kendo Club instructor. He’s perpetually broke and lives paycheck to paycheck. He often doesn’t have enough left over for food after paying bills and debts so he ends up taking handouts from his students. He’s offered the chance of a lifetime from an old sempai who wagers a years worth of sushi if Kojirou can get a group of girls to beat his female kendo team.

Tama-chan 川添 珠姫 Kawazoe Tamaki
Aka Tama-chan. Freshman (1st year high school student). Kendo prodigy who refuses to join the school’s Kendo Club because she thinks it’s unnecesary. She already practices at home which is a famous kendo school headed by her father. She’s weak against injustice due to her overdeveloped sense of righteousness and fair play inspired from watching anime as a child. She still a big anime fan.

Chiba 千葉 紀梨乃 Chiba Kirino
Sophomore (2nd year high school student). She’s the only remaining student in the Kendo Club. Energetic and enthusiastic, she dreams of making it to the nationals.

Miyazaki 宮崎 都 Miyazaki Miyako

Saya 桑原 鞘子 Kuwahara Sayako
Sophomore. The mysterious female kendo club member who’s currently missing. She and Chiba go all the way back to elementary school.

Unavailable atm 東 聡莉 Azuma Satori

Nakata 中田 勇次 Nakata Yuuji
Freshman who joins the kendo club with his plain looking friend, Eiga, after they both fail the Ping Pong Club’s performance test. He was a part of his middle school’s kendo club and attended the Kawazoe Dojo.

Eiga 栄花 段十朗 Eiga Danjuurou
Round and plain faced freshman, he joins the Kendo Club with Nakata. He orginally wanted to join the Ping Pong Club but failed their newbie test. He shocks Nakata and Koujiro when he brings his pretty girlfriend to join the club.

Toyama 外山 Toyama
The school bully who ditches Kendo Club practice.

Iwasa 岩佐 Iwasa
Toyama’s friend and Kendo Club member. Also ditches practice.

Student who took Toyama’s cellphone by mistake.

Cat Cat?
Animal that hangs out at the dojo.

Toyama’s cellphone Toyama’s cellphone
It was accidentally taken by Takasugi because it looks exactly like his.

Machido Private High School

Ishibashi 石橋 賢三郎 Ishibashi Kenzaburou
Kojirou’s sempai from high school. He’s also a school teacher and kendo club instructor. He proposes a bet: The girls from both clubs will compete with each other. If Kojirou’s girls win, he’ll get a years worth of free sushi from Ishibashi’s family’s restaurant.

Nishiyama Nishiyama Karen

Yokoo Yokoo Maya

Andou Andou Yuuri

Harada Harada Konatsu

Asakawa Asakawa Akemi

Kawazoe Dojo
Famous kendo school run by Tama-chan’s father. She helps out with the business as a duty and expresses no feelings on the matter.

Tama-chan’s father Kawazoe
Tama-chan’s father and head of the Kawazoe Dojo, a kendo school. He worries about his daughter because she doesn’t have friends or seem to enjoy school life.

Other Characters

Sakaguchi Sakaguchi
Muroe’s previous kendo instructor. Known as a harsh teacher before he retired and opened up his own kendo equipment shop. He attends Kawazoe Dojo to keep his skills sharp. Kojirou takes the kendo students to Sakaguchi’s ship to get fitted with new equipment. His entire plate of specially bought daifuku disappear by the time they leave.
1st appearance: E03

Hokkaido daifuku Hokkaido daifuku
Daifuku is a Japanese treat with a soft rice dough shell (mochi) and sweet bean paste center. Think marshmallow with filling. Sakaguchi specially bought the Hokkaido daifuku and was enjoying it before Kojirou and his students visit. He has a power struggle over the plate of daifuku with Danjuurou who helps himself to them. All the daifuku disappear by the time they leave. The perpetrators are Kojirou and company who sport white powder rings around they’re mouthes and comment on the delicious daifuku.
1st appearance: E03

The Trophy The trophy
Kendo trophy Kojirou won in a tournament against Ishibashi back when they were kids. Ishibashi could never accept the loss and it became an object of desire he tried to win back whenever possible. Ishibashi wants the trophy if his kendo girls can beat Muroe. He accidentally destroys it when he uses it to smash a cockroach.
1st appearance: E03

Cockroach The cockroach
The insect Kojirou tries to smash with The Trophy coveted by Ishibashi. He ends up destroying the trophy when he uses it like a fly swatter.
1st appearance: E03

Otajima Reimi
She attended the same middle school with Miya-miya and stallked her due to an unusal attraction for her sempai. Due to Reimi’s family’s status and influence, Miya-miya could do nothing but run away from the unwanted attention. She believed she was safe once she graduated and entered high school but her assumption was incorrect. Reimi the stalker tracked down the store she worked at but Tama-chan was on duty at the time. She attempted to shoplift some accessories but returned them since her real motive was to heckle Miya-miya.
1st appearance: E10


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  1. Nardo T. Icarus Says:

    It’s funny that Toyama’s cell, the trophy, and the Hokkaido Daifuku are on the charachters list.

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