Niijima Eye! | Night Wizard The Animation 01


This was low priority on the watch list. The animation (story, visuals, music) is so so but it’s pretty good on the comedy front.

The only guy in the character lineup is Hiiragi Renji who is forcably sent to fight monsters by the deceptively sweet, Anzelotte. She does ask him if he want’s to fight but the only options she gives him is “okay” or “yes”. LoLz. I can’t tell if he’s in a parallel world or another dimension atm. It’s clear he has a cat and mouse game with his boss, as she uses extravegant measures to hunt him down and send him off into battle. He gets dragged off so frequently it’s a wonder if he gets a proper education. Poor guy, he tries so hard to attend school.

AnzelotteReluctant swordsman who just wants to go to schoolHiiragi tryingt to run away from AnzelotteHiiragi thrown into battle yet again
Screencap, View, rm

In the introduction sequence, an emotionless red head is already on the battle field before Hiiragi. An android? She’s able to summon a huge big boom stick, a gun with firepower that put tanks to shame. She and Hiiragi are Night Wizards, the only ones with the power to battle The Emulators, dark beings that want to take over the human world.

Girl about to use a shell bigger than her headOne man army

The catalyst for the story is tansfer student Shihou Elis (Alice?) and her special bracelet. It looks like a journey adventure story where she has to collect a number of gems. There’s also her mystery patron whose supported her since she became an orphan. According to a card she reads, they’ll meet when she’s 17 years old.

AliceBracelet protects Elis

Akabane Kureha drags Elis off to join the Astronomy Club. Elis learns about Hiiragi through her first before meeting him in person later. Akabane often hears Hiiragi’s screams just before he’s dragged off by Anzelotte.

AkabaneAkabane seizes Elis for her club

The antagonist, Bell Zephyr is a young girl who shows particular interest in Alice.

Bell ZephyrBell Zephyr schemes

Bell Zephyr speaks a girl in the background who reads a book that may tell the future. Not sure about her alignment.

Friend or foe?

Watch (raw) it now. View complete screencaps.


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