HSD Kenichi | Character Images E07-E12


A selection of favorite screencaps from the series.

Takeda #1, E07Koga, E07Kenichi, E07Takeda #2, E07Shigure, E08Kenichi, E12Shigure #2, E09Shigure, E09Niijima, E09Miu #2, E09Kenichi, E09Tsuji, E09Apachai, Miu, Kenichi, and Akisame, E09Apachai and Kenichi, E09Tsuji #2, E09Takeda, E09RyouzanpakuElder, E09Kisara, E09Kenichi, Miu, and Apachai, E09Apachai, E09Kenichi and Miu, E09Apachai and Kenichi, E09Kenichi, E09Elder, E09Sakaki, E09Ukita, E10Ukita, E11Sakaki, E11Honoka, E12Tsuji, E12Tsuji and Kenichi, E12

Other: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Images copyright to their respective owners.


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