Karas OVA Revelation| What to Expect


October 23 is so far away… ⊂(゚Д゚⊂⌒`つ≡≡≡(´⌒;;;≡≡≡

1. Answers! Offical explanations about the Karas, Yurines, and Ekou.


Yurine and her female Karas

2. Blood. Lots of it.
Remember the violence in episode 3? Get ready for more. Tatsunoko doesn’t hold back in the concluding episodes.

Mikura eating humans
That shoeless foot is strangely funny.

3. Death. Lots of this, too.

Humans sucked dry

4. Yurines everywhere!

Pink hair Yurine watches from the sidelines

5. The Hero maimed.
I can hear the fangirls screaming in despair already.

Ootoha pwnd
Ootoha's eye embeded with glass

6. Explosive action. Duh!

Karas sword cuts through a fireball attack
Epic battle

5. The hint of continuation.
A great show always leaves room for a sequel, and Karas delivers.

The shadow of a new antagonist?
Sequel alert

Follow up to Karas | 04 and Karas | 05 & 06

New! (2007-10-01) Complete screencaps available for 05 & 06, go look!


2 Responses to “Karas OVA Revelation| What to Expect”

  1. radwan Says:

    if you need karas frome 1 to 6 i have them all

  2. # Doanimation Team # Says:

    Thanks but we’re good. Surprised more people don’t talk about Karas. Maybe it’s too serious. ┐(‘~`;)┌

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