HSD Kenichi | 50 [FINAL]


Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, eng


Spoilers ahead.

What a let down. The unforgivable act was Kenichi being a good sport and maybe too kind. Seem familiar? Miu is chastized frequently by the masters for going easy on Kenichi or being too overprotective. Recall how she gave Kenichi an opening to attack during a sparring match or when she wanted to rescue Kenichi from Tsuji several times. So the clues were there the whole time.

And the last episode skimps on animation. They use storyboard art to tell the story about Kenichi’s unforgivable act. Luckily, what could’ve been a huge fail is saved by skilled seiyuus. The part where Kenichi sees his friends waving from the ground, well, they’re reduced to small undefinable specs on the ground. It’s like they ran out of funds or time and made do with what they had.

They should change the title of the last episode to Battle of the Six-Packs because of the gratuitous ab shots.

Ogata vaguely mentions some spoilers.
– “Don’t think that Ryouzanpku will stay history’s strongest forever.”
He’s talking about Yomi. Ragnarok was just a branch created by Ryuto (Ogata’s disciple).

– “The darkness has started to move.”
Hint at the coming fight with the Yomi.


2 Responses to “HSD Kenichi | 50 [FINAL]”

  1. frebrezo Says:

    That’s it! That’s the unforgivable act? Because Kenichi was a real friend and let Ryuuto win? How lame. That guy’s got a over developed sense of vengence. NAIVE!!!

  2. # Doanimation Team # Says:

    He was a child when it happened, kora! He developed a nerosis over it, kora! Kenichi’s to blame, kora!

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