HSD Kenichi | 49


The Strongest Transformation! Ryouzanpaku’s Rhythm!

Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, eng

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Since he transforms in the end, it may mean Ryuuto gets broken in the last episode. Pity he makes a great villian. Ah! Kamisama! Don’t let the series end like this! More later. Finishing up the character list and episode guide atm.


1. Viewers are teased with the image of Ryuuto crying in front of a toy vending machine as he finally gets a yin-yang button after countless tries. The likely conclusion is he went back to get the same button Miu gave Kenichi. Odin makes the cryptic statement

“Everyone has bad childhood memories but it usually doesn’t hurt them.” – Odin

So… he’s the exception, eh? Instead of an explanation Odin babbles, recaping past episodes. Yes, yes. Kenchi screwed him up, understood. Explain, plz! Instead he goes on to document how he became a righteous bastard. One things for sure, he has an crazy fixation for Kenichi’s button.

2. The masters can read lips but their superhuman vision is left unexplained.

3. He was already in the begining stages of becoming a power crazed delinquent. He’s shown boxing in the flashback but before that it was karate. He’s off to start something new when he meets Kensei. You know… this is what happens when your single too long. You get funny in the head. A good woman would have set him straight. Even Kenichi was a weirdo loser until he met Miu.

4. Odin’s so bad@$$, I didn’t notice something very obvious. He became the neighborhood’s biggest bully (he’s #1 after all). He originally wanted to become strong to be like Miu but he forgot the protecting part and got caught up in the power.

“Why do you sympathize with them*?”
“Because of bullies like you!”
Odin and Kenichi
*them being people who can’t fight

Instead of calling Kenichi the hypocrite, he needs to point the finger at himself.

5. Kenichi’s copycat special attack is great and super funny but it’s like Echizen’s ultimate move from PoT. However, taking on the personality of the person he’s imitating is a great spin on a not-so-new move.

6. How to turn into the Incredible Hulk without turning green. Learn martial arts and merge the ki of dou and sei styles.


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