HSD Kenichi | 48


Summit Showdown! The Man Who Wields the Spear of Legend

Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, Umai, Kuro-ha

Spoilers ahead.

1. Niijima shows off more of his trademark alien theme complete with flying saucer because Hermit joined Shinpaku.
No matter how much he denies it, he likes them (Kenichi and his oddball gang). He should give up the loner act. He’ll never escape Niijima!

2. Berserker lost but he refuses to give up. Kenichi asks him to stop instead of fighting him.
As per usual, Kenichi expresses compassion to the wildest of animals even Berserker. Mistaken for pity, Berserker aims to bury his fist in Kenichi’s face so he can continue his fight with Hermit but he can’t bring himself to follow through and stops short. He’s subdued by the look in Kenichi’s eyes which radiate a resolute calm, devoid of any ill-intentions. I thought he had Nirvana eyes. It’s a liberation or peace attained only by following the path of righteousness in action, thought, and attitude. (see HowStuffWorks for more) He goes on to win over Berserker in typical Kenichi fashion:

“Listen, Berserker— My life has been filled with defeat. Yes! The feeling of defeat is a like a close friend to me.”– Kenichi

Berserker understood the messeage if not the messenger. This brings up another point. Since way back Kenichi had an unusual ability to draw people to his side. He’ll become one helluva scary guy if he can combine that charasima with leet fighting skills. After all, the great conquerors in history had this combination.

Insightful comment by another fan:

“tis kenichi guy…he has the ability to link ppl’s heart together…a good leader isnt a person who leads well but must have the basic talent of understanding and connecting to others.” RanStrife

3. Berserker warns Kenichi not to fight Odin.
In a flashback, Odin defeated Berserker without lifting a finger. This probably the same ki attack Sakaki used on the hoodlum back when Koga first fought Miu and Kenichi.

4. Sick of the banter, Odin eliminates Berserker.
The way he treats his subordinates, it’s no wonder Ragnarok fell apart when Kenichi came along. Loyalty goes a long way. His personality flip is still left unexplained in this episode.

5. Kenichi vs. Odin pt2! Their fight turns into a battle of Seikukens.
Sakaki asks Elder about Kenichi’s training. He replies Kenichi is fine against regular hoodlums. Implies Kenichi is in trouble against Odin. Odin is shocked Kenichi learned Seikuken in such a short period of time and calls the master who taught him “monster”. How can he not know? Doesn’t anyone believe in intel?!?! It’s basic combat strategy to get enemy intelligence to properly coordinate a plan of defense and offense. Let’s compare the two opposing sides. Ragnarok had Loki but he was useless and seemed to keep intel to himself. On the other hand, Kenichi has Niijima who always feeds him up-the-minute info (whether he wants it or not) on his next opponent. Thus he is able to modify his training to match the opponent. Yes! We can conclude 50% of Kenichi’s fights were won because of proper intel. Aside from that, the seikuken battle is insane, insanely good! With this, the E46 letdown is forgiven.

6. Saint of Fists arrives.
Sakaki comments Odin was taught real combat. The Elder concurs and correctly guesses who taught him. On cue, the Saint makes his appearance. I see… high level masters gain an innate Doppler Radar ability. Hell, who wants to be a superhero? (too troublesome) Enhanced human is the way to go!

7. Siegfried goes to aide his friends.
Sigfried turned into quite the comic relief since his Ragnarok days. He does a ridiculous swims across the river to help out his friends even at the risk of drowning in his condition. And he does. Luckily for him Elder is a benevolent guy. He picks him up out of the water and drags him to the battle.

8. Back on the other side, Sakaki and Akisame comment on the the fight between Odin and Kenichi.

“My, my. It’s like a movie.”
“Yeah, they’re both making so many useless moves.”
Akisame and Sakaki

Missed this the last episode. The masters are able to see the fight with their bare eyes. o.O Martial arts Masters also gain telescopic, 20/0 vision. It’s amaaazing!

9. Kenichi asks why Odin changed so drastically.

“You were always so kind, so bright, liked cheap candy…” – Kenichi

Urm, why include the cheap candy part? He’s such a weirdo. :D Odin’s ad-libed answer: weak people are doormats for the leet. Then he proudly flaunts the results of his promise with Kenichi, the Ragnarok Organization.

10. Odin in turn asks Kenichi why he wants to be strong.

“For the sake of protecting the people precious to me! I started martial arts for the sake of upholding my own beliefs!” – Kenichi

Such an earnest answer. Go, Kenichi!

11. Saint of Fists is amused by Kenichi’s answer.
WTF. He heard Kenichi? Or did he read his lips with the Master level 20/0 vision. Master class fighters also gain Hyper Audio capabilities it seems.

12. Odin calls Kenichi a hypocrite.

“You’re the same as always, Shirahama. That’s a suitable reason for a hypocrite like you.” – Odin

This is the 2nd or 3rd time Odin’s said “your always the same” but this time he adds hypocrite. This is interesting. Could it be Kenichi failed Odin at some point when they were children? Somehow failed to protect Odin in the past? This would explain the “unforgivable act” he mentions after their first fight and his nasty personality.

Out of all people, it’s Niijima who stands up for Kenichi.

“Your wrong, Odin. Don’t you understand? He’s an idiot. Not a liar. Hypocrites make up lies. He wouldn’t.” – Niijima

Lolz, odd way of praising someone.

13. Odin puts Kenichi’s belief to the test. He orders his gang to finish off Shinpaku.
He already knows Hermit is spent after his fight with Berserker which leaves no one to properly fend off the attack. Hyped, the Ragnarok flunkies rush them all at once while Odin keeps Kenichi busy.

“Martial arts exist to crush people. You can’t protect anyone with it.” – Odin

To punctuate the fact, Kenichi is powerless to stop a flunky’s sledge hammer attack at Hermit.

14. The calvary arrives.
Hermit is saved by none other than our favorite musician, Sigfried. He was literally thrown him into the fray by Elder. The goons think it’s only Seig who’s there to help but TA-DA! Takeda, Ukita, and other Shinpaku members make their dynamic entry, crutches and all.

15. Kenichi’s real strength comes forth.
Empowered by the appearance of his friends, Kenichi powers up.

“Don’t say they’re weaklings, Ryuuto!” – Kenichi

The Saint is surprised by Kenichi’s new aura but the Elder knew his potential all along.

” A fight to protect someone. Only then does he display his real power. That is the true character of our strongest disciple.”

16. One by one Kenichi’s friends refute Odin’s claim martial arts can only destroy.
“Because Kenichi started martial arts, I could continue my boxing career.” – Takeda
“Because of him, I started Judo again.” – Ukita
“I saw the true path of Sumo because of him.” – Thor
“His extravagant melody changes the ones around him. Because of that we, yes, we— slowly became friends!”
Hermit blushes for the second time in his teenage life. :D

17. Odin says friendship is worthless.
Kenichi replies Odin wouldn’t understand friendship. Again he says something interesting in return.

“How can I understand something that doesn’t exist?” – Odin

Technically, he should since he was once friends with Kenichi, even if it was as kids. This statement furthers the idea he was betrayed by Kenichi in the past which made him give up on friendship.

18. On a side note, the camera jitter technique is nice touch. Adds to the action about to unfold.

19. When, Odin makes the first move, Kenichi uses the first technique he ever learned.
Kouhou and Kaihou from Miu back in E2. He gets better at it every time he uses it. One thing though, why does he announce his attack??? And why hasn’t anyone taken advantage of it? Surely, surely he’s going to meet an opponent who’ll figure out what he’s doing and counter it easily because of his bad habit.

20. Kenichi tells Odin to take off his glasses.
Translation: Get ready for some serious @$$ kicking, Ryuuto! Though judging from his sigh of irritation, Odin still doesn’t view him as a threat. In the distance, the Saint is impressed with Kenichi. However, he predicts it’s too early for Kenichi to fight Odin.

“He’ll get broken— probably. Regrettable.” – Saint of Fists

21. Odin takes off his glasses.
Odin promises to show Kenichi why he’s called Odin. On a humorous note, as soon as all hell breaks loose Niijima is back to doing what he does best— hiding. Guess there’s a time limit on how long he can be out in the open like that. Kenichi makes the first move this time but he’s completely blocked by Odin. None of his attacks go through Odin’s defenses.

Niijima searches his PDA for clues to Ryuuto’s technique.

“In exchange for both his eyes, he drank from the fountain of Ymir, and acquired the ability of foresight in order to predict and see through everything.” – Niijima

So by removing his glasses he’s able to remove focus on the details, freeing him to see attacks in the whole. Elder calls it the “eye of intuition”. Ma Kensei adds it’s “having insight into the enemy’s movements.” To demonstrate, Ma Kensei uses it to cop a feel of Miu’s rear.

22. Odin’s javelin, Gungnir!
All the talk about eyes and foresight merely means Odin could’ve attacked Kenichi at anytime since he’s able to read him like an open book. When he does attack, he uses Gungnir.

“An attack that never misses.” – Odin

The technique never misses because he uses it in conjunction with the eye of intuition. Which is why he hasn’t used it up till now.

23. Out of the blue, Odin tells Kenichi they played “Hero” in the abandoned lot as children.
Erm, their parents let them play in strange places.

“You always wanted the role of the Hero. Pushing the role of villain on me.” -Kenichi

Irony? I actually expected him to say no. I’m shocked he remember with his notoriously bad memory.

24. Odin says he’s willing to be the villain for the day.
Doing a helluva good job already.

E49 is already out, what are you reading this for?! Chuwaaaaa!!!


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