Voltron Live-Action Movie


Hollywood’s version of Voltron (old school anime) is scheduled to premiere in 2009. Read the detailed Voltron Wiki.

Excerpt from a review of the movie script. Check out the source for the complete review, loaded with spoilers.

“Here is the setup: The Drules have invaded Earth and kicked our ass in the ONE DAY WAR. Humanity has gone underground. New York has been decimated and our story opens on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Drule invasion. Think about it, Earth was conquered by an Alien race in 24 hours.

The construction of the Mayan Pyramids, hundreds of years ago. And the Egyptian pyramids in Giza. Thousands of years ago. Five points connecting to the heavens. Notice a pattern? Five interlocking sequences completing a single unit. Five keys. We find out is that the histories of Planet Earth and Planet Arus have been linked for thousands of years. Arus is a planet in the Domus system.

The machines belong to an alien race called the Drule Empire. A civilization that grows by consumption. Namely, the consumption of technologies that a planet builds for itself.

On Arus, the five keys were their life source. An energy so complex and so powerful that the Drules would do anything to possess it. That is why the Drules attacked Arus. But the keys exert their own free will. They travel on their own accord. When Arus fell, they traveled across the known universe in search of a safe home. That brought them to Earth twelve thousand years ago. All that was built here on Earth, was built for the keys. Coran, Sven and Allura through high density freezing, didn’t age and are the last survivors of Arus.
Source: Latinoreview.

The first thought so far, “This looks expensive (to film).” An excerpt from another review.

“There are plenty of new characters in the script, but I’ll center mainly on who I remember from the cartoon.

We know that there are two groups that have been scraped together; one is a militia group led by Dukane and another led by former soldier Keith Kogan, who is helped out by his friend, Lance MaClain. Recognize the names? In the cartoon, Dukane was the leader of the vehicle Voltron Force, Keith was Black Lion pilot and Lance was Red Lion Pilot.

Allura and Hunk are two travelers making their way down to Mexico to deliver five differently colored keys. I’m sure you know the colors. Paths cross and Keith and Lance take on the job of chauffeuring Allura and Hunk down to Mexico. Along the way, they pick up 11 year old Pidge.

Eventually, they make it down to Mexico way and we meet Sven Holgersson and Coran. In the cartoon, Sven was the first pilot of the Blue Lion and Coran was Allura’s royal advisor. Needless to say, the characters in the script are different than the cartoon.”
Source: IESB.

Thoughts on the Movie

Basically, it’s another Transformers live-action move but with a different cast. The war with aliens – believable. Magical keys that were the life source of a planet? No way. Unbelievable. And why the hell does Arus need to be associated with Earth? Stargate written all over it.

What’s the Animation Like?

Voltron animation

Voltron leads the forces of good against the forces of evil from the Planet Doom. The story is an odd mix of fantasy and science fiction.

The dubs are laughable and make absolutely no sense at times. There are obvious descrepencies in some scenes like Pidges flashback of his supposed “foster family” or the odd scene where the mountain hermit talks about the fate of Coran’s wife and son. His family was transported into another dimension??? It’s obvious from the action depicted, Coran’s family died.

There’s very little character interaction, superficial plots at best. There’s lots of fluff dialogue and rehashed action scenes. Characters say meaningful things out of the blue.

The voice acting is sad. Female extras are given obviously male voices. They recycled the same voice actors. Aside from the main characters, the extras either sound like wierd faeries or Optimus Prime from Transformers animation. Didn’t mind Optimus Prime’s seiyuu since his voice rocks.

Despite the negatives, this show has tons of potential. Aliens, intergalatic war, nasty villians, succession battles, giant robots, alchemists, witches, magic paralleling technology— the concept is good it’s the dub that sucks.

The word is, the original Japanese version is a grittier, more violent animation with serious storylines. These elements were effectively removed from the dubs. Very curious about the original so it’s good news to read MediaBlasters plan to release the original unedited GoLions— eventually. Always the waiting game.


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