Blooper | Honoka’s Outfit


Which episode does Maximillion make it’s first appearance? Read on for the answer.

Mistake spotted in episode 15.

Honoka outfit

1. Reference image

2. Her shorts have vertical side stitch and “v” shaped cutout on leg hem.

3. Shirt shown with tight hip-length hem and shorts missing “v” cutout but keeps the verticle stitch.

4. Honoka’s shorts drawn with cutout again. Note Apachai’s shorts.

5. Shirt and short hemline shown with “v” shaped cutouts

6-7. Not a mistake but the outfit is exactly the same, only colored differently. However, take a look at Apachai’s shorts in #6. The hemline has a thick white band and missing the v-cutout.

Answer: HSD Kenichi episode 17.


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