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The Geniu’s Weak Point! Hard Work Overcomes Talent

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Okay, here’s the deal. If HSD Kenichi ends at 50 episodes (or 52 say other sources), I’m going to post all the spoilers I found beyond the Ragnarok story arc.

No Kenichi action this episode, it’s Hermit vs Berserker. Spoilers ahead.

Side note: Forgot to note the “Kill Bill” reference in the last episode. That yellow jumpsuit is iconic now.

1. Ryouzanpaku masters have a picnic as they watch the enusing battle between Shinpaku and Ragnarok.
Did you know socialites did the same thing during the American Civil War? As Miu is laying out the blanket, she’s singing the opening theme song “Yahhoo”. The elder makes a joke! He has a weird sense of humor. After all, that kind of joke could mean death for Kenichi.

2. Kenichi the blue eyed demon.
His face turns black with only blue orbs of light for eyes. It signifys him losing himself to anger. It’s the same face Berserker has when he goes into Berserker Mode, a sort of mindless fighting trance. Kenichi uses Seikuuken on three Ragnarok flunkies, shocking Ryuuto at how quickly he learned the technique. Which goes to show, Kenichi doesn’t have a strategic bone in his body. As the saying goes, never show all your cards at once. Keep a few aces up your sleeve. Now Ryuuto knows he’s been training and mastered Seikuuken.

3. Tanimoto aka Hermit really is a good guy.
The guy who absolutely refused to join or associate with Shinpaku is helping Niijima. Kenichi comically calls him on it and viewers get a great scene of a flustered Hermit stammering an excuse.

4. Hermit’s gloves now bear an encircled star instead of the roman numeral VI. (He’s always had the star on his shoulder.) No mater how I look at it, the star looks like a pentagram (also called pentacle). I can’t believe a guy like him is suddenly affiliated with the occult. After a little more digging found out the pentagram, called gobousei δΊ”θŠ’ζ˜Ÿ, is associated with onmyoji in Japan. The symbol diagrams the interaction between the Chinese elements (Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing – roots in Taoist comology) which involve the perpetual Cycles of Balance and Imbalance. Anyway, when this is applied to martial arts each point or element “metaphorically represents five different states of combat” (called Five Fists or Five Phases) exclusive to Xingyiquan. Ring any bells? It’s only THE premiere Chinese martial arts style taught to Hermit by Sougetsu.

Metal represents “Splitting” like an axe chopping up and over.
Fire represents “Pounding”, exploding outward like a cannon while blocking.
Water represents “Drilling”, drilling forward horizontally like a geyser.
Earth represents “Crossing” as in crossing across the line of attack while turning over.
Wood represents “Crushing”, arrows constantly exploding forward.

Read the full Xingyi Wiki. So the star represents his martial arts discipline. Hermit’s style makes a lot more sense now, no? Ha ha, we’ve come full circle. Enjoy the macro-history lesson? :mrgreen:

5. In the end, Hermit is motivated to help so he can get a rematch with Kenichi. He also doesn’t want him to get hurt and cause Honoka to cry. Okay so out of all the images of Honoka available, why show the least cutest one of all? Now the audience will always picture her like that.

6. Hermit vs Berserker: Training vs Talent
Still disappointed Hermit didn’t kick Loki’s @$$ but he makes it up in the face off with Berserker.

It seems Berserker looks down on martial arts since he’s a naturally talented fighter and never had endure “hellish training” like Hermit. Naturally a person like that will get bored easily. Satisfaction is achieved by obtaining goals through struggles (like hardword work) which is a foriegn notion to Berserker since fighting comes to him naturally. He fianlly gets his first taste of reality.

“What is this bad feeling in my stomach?”
“That’s the feeling of defeat.”
Berserker and Hermit

Berserkers flaw: He’s a sloppy fighter because he relys on his brute strength and talent. That’s why he loses to Hermit who fights with precision and conviction.

“Effort surpasses talent!” – Hermit

7. Berserker is a dou type.
Well that’s obvious after he shows off his crazy berserker mode but Elder say he’s incomplete.

“He’s engulfed in his own power, so I can’t say it’s a complete state.” – Elder

Juding by Elder’s statement, this means a level of self-control is needed to be a real dou fighter. Which is true, Berserker only has two modes: bored or out of control. Neither is really the attitude of a proper fighter.

8. Odin spoiling for a fight.
Odin said he wasn’t going to fight but after Berserkers defeat, his “ki” says otherwise. Ogata shows up in the previews for the next episode. Will he intevene in the upcoming fight or is he there to observe? What inquiring minds really want to know is how much as Kenichi improved since his fight with Odin. Predict he’s on par with Odin because his training is incomplete. Guarantee completing Elder’s special training would’ve put him beyond Odin’s level.

9. The show ends with a hi-five between Hermit and Kenichi. Like a wrestling match, Hermit tags out and Kenichi steps in for the next round.


9 Responses to “HSD Kenichi | 47”

  1. zalimgandhera Says:

    Its great 2 find my favourite anime HERE :)

  2. dardo Says:

    nice blog you have there m8. Do you know whether or not they are still making more of these series because i could only find up till 47 and i hear all this talk about it stopping at 50 episodes. feel free to mail me with the awnser i provided me address. im not japanese though or i would have probably known the awnser to this question.


  3. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Don’t have anything concrete for you. A Nippon source has Kenichi at 50 episodes which is where all the rumors are coming from but there is speculation up to 52 episodes will air (weak lead). The latest rumor says a second season is scheduled for 2008. Maybe HSD Kenichi will pull a Naruto and air a whole season of fillers. This is actually more preferable over not airing anything at all.

  4. Plasticine Says:

    Just a little FYI: The yellow jumpsuit is more referential to Bruce Lee’s movie Game of Death as that was the inspiration behind it’s use in Kill Bill.

  5. Sardonyx Says:

    I just watched the 50th ep of HSD Kenichi and it ends quite solidly. Lots of room for expansion on the series though, but in the outtro they gave the names of the Voice Actors etc etc, so it feels like they came to a finality with the series…

    Here’s holding thumbs that they’ll go on with it, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi is one of the best anime series’ i’ve ever seen!

  6. # Doanimation Team # Says:

    Agree, very conclusive episode. It’d be nice if they’d pick up the Yomi arc. The fights get crazier and Odin returns dramatically altered.

  7. antcha Says:

    damn straight its good and definitely a sequel ” darkness is gathering ” means stronger opponents”

  8. Naxilo Says:

    when does the yomi arc happen in manga?

  9. d Says:

    the martial arts that is taught to hermit is combination of Piguazhang and Bajiquan, not Xingyiquan.

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