Tokyo Marble Chocolate OVA


Copypasta from ANS about a cute, romantic anime due out just in time for Christmas.


Production I.G teams with BMG Japan to produce a two-volume OVA (direct-to-video) animation entitled “Tokyo Marble Chocolate.” The OVA, based on Production I.G’s original story, celebrates the 20th anniversary of BMG Japan. After premiering at the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 20-28, 2007), it will be released in Japan on DVD December 5, 2007. This project, the first collaboration between Production I.G and a music company, is inspired by two songs by two leading Japanese musicians: SUKIMASWITCH and SEAMO. SUKIMASWITCH is a pop duo composed byTakuya Ohashi and Shintaro Tokita, who have already appeared in the annual Kohaku Song Contest in two consecutive years (2005, 2006) since their brilliant debut in 2003. On the other side, SEAMO is a hip-hop artist whose songs filled with love and humor have brought many passionate followers to this day. Their unique styles and powerful messages are what inspired the young creators at Production I.G to start this project.
Tokyo Marble Chocolate marks the directorial debut for Production I.G’s enfant terrible, Naoyoshi Shiotani, who mesmerized the fans all over the world with the hybrid animation techniques employed in the third opening of “Blood+” (selected in competition at the 11th Holland Animation Film Festival) and in some of the most graphically stunning episodes from the TV series “Le Chevalier D’Eon” (selected in competition at SICAF 2007). Shiotani is flanked by another of I.G’s young talents, Kyoji Asano, in charge of the animation direction. Asano is widely praised for his work in “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” series, “Tsubasa Chronicle – The Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom” and “Le Chevalier D’Eon.” Manga artist Fumiko Tanikawa (“Ohitorisama Monogatari”, “Kakueki Teisha”, “Kimi to Boku no Machi de”) plays an essential part in the production with her delicate, shojo manga-style character designs, while TV drama hit specialist Masaya Ozaki (“Kekkon Dekinai Otoko”, “Satorare”, “Love Generation”) writes the screenplay. Takuya Ohashi and Shintaro Tokita, from SUKIMASWITCH, and SEAMO will also be transformed into animated characters and make their appearances in this OVA.

Tokyo Marble

Synopsis: A pure love story, colorful and sweet, yet a bit bitter. Just like a piece of chocolate. Serious and generous, but a bit shy, Yudai has been unsuccessful with the opposite gender. Chizuru is an energetic and cheerful girl, but when it comes to boyfriends, she’s been unlucky and clumsy, and never had a steady relationship. This is the first Christmas the couple spends together. Chizuru loves animals and Yudai plans to give her a rabbit in a box, but it turns out to be… a mini donkey?! As the funny creature escapes, Chizuru goes after it, and Yudai loses sight of them both. The time that should have been spent together… The important feeling that should have been revealed… Small, but precious things that tend to be buried in every day life. What answer will the two youngsters find while separated from each other? Yudai and Chizuru – their feelings and the time they spent far from each other are delicately unfolded in this double-sided pure love story told from two different perspectives!

STAFF: Original Story: Production I.G / Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani / Screenplay: Masaya Ozaki / Character Designer: Fumiko Tanikawa / Character Designer / Animation Director: Kyoji Asano / Color Setting: Idumi Hirose / Art Director: Shichiro Kobayashi / 3D CGI: Atsushi Sato / Director of Photography: Keisuke Sasagawa / Songs: “Mata Aimasyou” (See You Again) by SEAMO and “Zenryoku Syounen” (Full Powered Boy) by SUKIMASWITCH / Animation Production: Production I.G / Produced by: Tokyo Marble Chocolate Production Committee

Story Concept: The two videos revolve around a love story told from the different viewpoint of the two young lovers, a girl named Chizuru and a boy called Yudai. The first episode is seen through Chizuru’s eyes, and is inspired by SEAMO’s song Mata Aimasyou (See You Again), describing the mixed feelings just before the anticipated separation from the loved one. The second episode follows the story from Yudai’s perspective, and is inspired by SUKIMASWITCH’s song Zenryoku Syounen (Full Powered Boy) that portrays a young boy who breaks his defensive shell open and runs for the future.

Source: ANS


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