Karas | 05 & 06 Update


Spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk.

These last episodes aired in Japan but flew right under the radar in the anime news feeds. щ(゚Д゚щ) Get quick synops and screencaps from PPVJ.

Air Date 2007-08-03 thru 2007-08-09.

Episode 5 – District of Illusions

Karas 5 DVD
Source: Amazon Japan

Screencaps, Haven pack: 1MB or 15MB

“Released from his Yurine’s bindings, Ekou has become a Mikura himself. His next step is to transform Shinjuu itself. Mechanical roots (yes, roots) suddenly appear in the city and attack the inhabitants. The roots were a gigantic Mikura Sphere intended to supply Ekou with energy. Cutting Shinjuku off from the outside world, Ekou attempts to transform the entire city of Shinjuku into a Mikura. Is that his challenge to the entire world?”
Source: PPVJ, A-Kraze

Episode 6 – New Legend

Karas DVD6
Source: Amazon Japan

Screencaps, Haven pack: 20MB or 2MB(rar mislabeled, E6 content only)

“The Yurine of other areas and their Karas assemble in Tokyo. Unable to resolve the situation, they destroy the entire city of Tokyo. The final battle between the newly reborn Karas, Otoha, and Ekou now begins.”
Source: PPVJ, A-Kraze

Karas OVA 5 Screencaps (New! 2007-09-17)
Images from the Haven pack.


Karas OVA 6 Screencaps (New! 2007-09-15)
Images from the Haven pack.

screencaps 1
screencaps 2
screencaps 3
screencaps 4
screencaps 5
screencaps 6
Thanks Haven!

Images copyright to their respective owners.


19 Responses to “Karas | 05 & 06 Update”

  1. haven Says:

    I wonder if they intend on doing a follow up as after the credits had rolled in the last ova (i:e the sixth ova) there was a scene in the water and then it was gone and the word “Existence” came up. Oh well atleast it’s finally over the fight between Ekou and Otoha was quite nice a bit similar to that between Ekou and the Karas before Otoha and the female karas got to play some part in the battle. this could just become a rplacement series for gatchaman if it becomes a series which it looks like it might become.

  2. haven Says:

    I guess I’ll check back tommorrow to see what’s up now that the raws are out.

  3. jetter5 Says:

    raws?! who, what, where!

  4. haven Says:

    I got the raws at a chinese site while googling. You can get it at “greedland.net” I believe, just type in Karas in the search option mind you I said karas and not Karas 05 or 06 the options willl bring up Karas 1-6 just pick the option for karas 05-06 and download. A bit surprised it isn’t out since people have been downloading it since the beginning of the month. I hope it’s still there.
    Like I said it seems there is going to be a series judging from the ending.

  5. Haven Says:

    Here’s a few sites to check hope they still have it.
    1) http://s.greedland.net/s791.g?k=karas&c=gs_all
    2) http://p.greedland.net/cache_html/detail/3/352946.phtml
    3) http://www.btfire.com/btdown3/btview_280182.html
    They are basically all thesame torrent though I never got the bitfire to work so I don’t know. In anycase you can just use the torrent.
    The torrent address is below

  6. jetter5 Says:

    ah man, thought it was at youtube or some other site like that. thanks though
    it’ll be out in less than a month huzzah!!

  7. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Thanks for the links and info, Haven. :mrgreen: Even better, if you have any screencaps to share atm, send them this way. That’d really help us out. Karas doesn’t have the plot depth of Princess Mononoke but the cutting edge animation rivals the best of Hollywood actions flicks. Wouldn’t doubt it if Karas is in production for TV syndication. The story has all the elements to make it a hit with viewers: original concept (different from what’s currently available at least), compelling character designs and environments, and eye-poppin’ CG. The idea spirits living parallel with humans isn’t new but Tatsunoko does it best, and the supernatural and sci-fi feel is right on.

  8. Haven Says:

    I’ll see what I can do would have liked to upload it on youtube but then that would be going against copyright. Maybe usenext would be good.

  9. Haven Says:

    I reckon you’d probably have it dowloaded by the time you read this.

  10. #Doanimation Team# Says:


    Cleaning them up a bit before posting.

  11. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    FYI: It might be easier to use Print Screen key or alt+print screen (only captures active window) but it requires disabling Windows Media Player’s overlay first. Don’t remember the steps exactly atm.

  12. Haven Says:

    You’re welcome. Do you have the videos now?

  13. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    No, unfortunately. (#゚Д゚) Don’t think anyone can at this point, dead t0rrent. As for capturing images with Windows Media Player (WMP)—

    WMP version 10 and below:
    open Window Media Player
    goto Tools > Options
    in Options, select Performance tab
    click Advanced button
    uncheck Use Overlays
    click Ok

    Now capture images

    Print Screen method: Make sure WMP is the active window and press ALT + Print Screen key. Start Windows Paint and CTRL+V. CTRL+S>rename it>Save As jpeg. Voila. After that just Atl+Print Screen > Ctrl+V right over the first image in Paint > Save As (just need to rename cuz jpeg is default now) > repeat.

    time saver method: instead of the print screen method, press Ctrl+I, suppose to go straight to Save As.

    May or may not work with WMP 11 (vista).

    Quote: “… so just had to go with image-shack”

    Thats kewl. Long as it works :mrgreen:

  14. haven Says:

    Thanks. It works quite well couldn’t save in Jpeg though I probably did something wrong. Sorry about the torrent dying out. I would have thought with the number of people that downloaded it, it would have been out. Wish i could do something about it but if not will just after to wait to october ending to see it.

  15. haven Says:

    Well what do you know the torrent isn’t dead seems there is something wrong with that tracker but I just went there and it’s flowing well. Just go to the following places one of them will work or try the links again maybe delete it and try it afresh. Everything looks to be working just fine now. Maybe if there were a few more people downloading maybe it move faster Forget using the tracker and enter through the links. here are the links again.

  16. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Quote: “the police inspector finally unveils himself after luring the remaining survivor into a safe haven only to turn Mikure and gobble them up but then Otoha shows up and battles him , the battle leaves him pretty much dead as the Mikura spews a huge fireball.” – Haven

    I’m vastly amused with Ootoha. Tokyo’s new hero was yakuza. The irony. Think fire is symbolic for cleansing. Couple that with his karmatic beat down— he sheds his past life(self) and opens the path to his rebirth (figuratively).

  17. radwan Says:

    hi boys i cant download karas ova 5 and 6 i dont know why is there any body have it can send it to me i am online 24 ore karas is my best anime help boys and if there is eng subs for ova 4

  18. H Says:

    Did you try the links above to see if you could download it. If you have a bittorent you should be able to easily download it. The 5th ova should already be out in Japan you can try “Yes asia” or some other import DVD sellers for the 5th ova as for the 6th ova I don’t know what to say I have made the site available hoping that some of the torrent guys would download it and make it better available throught their networks. Maybe you can get someone to ddownload it and make it available the site worked fine for me took about 2 days to get it though.

  19. Haven Says:

    Another Karas 05-06 just sprung up.
    Check it out if you haven’t already at http://www.btmon.com/Video/Unsorted/RAW_Karas_05-06_END_AT-X_x264_24f_640x360_.mp4.torrent.html
    or at isohunt http://isohunt.com/torrents/?ihq=karas+05.
    “hi boys i cant download karas ova 5 and 6 i dont know why is there any body have it can send it to me i am online 24 ore karas is my best anime help boys and if there is eng subs for ova 4”

    If you couldn’t download it before at the earlier sites then this is just for you.

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