HSD Kenichi | 46


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Word going around is Kenichi ends @50 episodes. Hard to believe since the Ragnarok arc isn’t complete. There’s still Ogata, Berserker, and Odin’s rematch to deal with and only 4 episodes to finish it off. Unless it’s another Ghost Hunt finish. Which means fans will have to pick up the comic to continue the story.

Spoilers ahead.

Hmm, first impression is of crushing DISAPPOINTMENT.

1. Loki is the ultimate villian we all want to see pwnd because he royaly screwed Hermit and Kenichi but the anticipated showdown never happens. Since Kenichi is away training, last weeks preview lead fans to believe it was Hermit who’d kick his @$$ first but surprise. The b-tard is defeated by Berserker. The worse part is it happened in less than 2 minutes. Just before, Loki finally turned on Odin and unveiled his new Fists secretly recruited to replace the old Fists. His betrayl was a long time coming so it was another point of anticipation but instead of a huge fight it’s over in the same 2 minutes. It seems stupid now that he gave Kenichi and Hermit such a hard time.

2. This episode makes Loki seem oddly out of character. For a guy who behaved so deviously in the past, he acts too impulsively here. Such as his spontaneous decision to turn on Odin in the middle of eliminating Shinpaku (Niijima) and suddenly recruiting Berserker out of the blue. Usually one gets a person to switch sides before battle.

3. The surprise of the episode is Thor who makes a come back appearance to join Shinpaku and save Niijima. If the trend is like this, Freya will also pop up to save Niijima or maybe stop Berserker (if the two really are related) even though the previews show an all out battle between Berserker and Hermit.

4. One things for sure, Akisame and Ma Kensei’s clinic will be busy after the battle.

5. This whole episode is rushed. Characters are elimated too easily or events take place too fast. It only gives credibility to the rumor that the series is ending.

6. If Ogata is squeezed in by episode 50, he’s going to fight Akisame. After all he did say, he hated him most of all back when he tried to recruit Kenichi.

7. A side note on Kenichi’s dramatic entrance at the end which was cool but amusing because of the “Woo-ya!” theme. Naruto fans will recognize it right away. It’s a variation of the Naruto theme but is very similar. This is the second time this theme pops up in HSD Kenichi. Kudos to the person who remembers which episode.


2 Responses to “HSD Kenichi | 46”

  1. jay Says:

    bummer dude can’t wait for subbed vid, y the hell do they take 3-6 days sumtimes to sub 1 vid??! Kenichi eps’ comes out on sundays on veoh. i finally saw ep 45 subbed on thursday for cryin out loud! i mean come on naruto, bleach, and one piece are subbed the very next day! sumtimes that night! (rnd 12:00 – 3:00 a.m. tho)

  2. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    True true, consistancy sux but it’s a helluva lot better than before. It used to be two+ months behind. The A-G-O-N-Y.

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