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HSD Kenichi | 50 [FINAL]

September 30, 2007

Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, eng


Spoilers ahead. (more…)

Quote Me | Change My World

September 30, 2007

“Just envying the world of others brings nothing. I have to change my world myself.”
Chiyaki, Nodame Cantabile e03

Quote Me | Source of Intelligence

September 29, 2007

Great Plains Kisara vs Mighty Fuji Miu
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi E21

Blooper | Miu’s Beauty Mark

September 28, 2007

An error that shows up throughout the series. (more…)

Quote Me | Run Away

September 28, 2007

“You think you can escape?”
“I’ll prove it to you!
Akisame and Kenichi, Histories Srongest Dsciple Kenichi E14

Quote Me | Interactive Anti-virus

September 27, 2007

Dennou Coil

Quote Me | You Are My Son

September 26, 2007

“Lotor, you are my son (may i be forgiven). And someday, you will be king (may the evil gods help the planet).”
King Zorak, Voltron Defender of the Universe

Quote Me | Must Surpass You

September 25, 2007

“Your thinking is old and creepy, father.”
Lotor, Voltron Defenders of the Universe

Quote Me | You Suck

September 25, 2007

“You suck. This is damn unpleasant. I’m going home.”
Chiyaki, Nodame Cantabile E02

Reviewer Thrashes Tekkon Kinkreet

September 24, 2007

Tekkon movie