Karas The Revelation DVD 2 Update


Finally, Karas volume 2 is available October 23, 2007 for Stateside fans at around $13.99. UK fans can get the DVD September 24, 2007, for about £14.99.

First, the unholy wait time I can forgive but the fugly US DVD? WTF! You’d think they’d have pulled something better out of their @$$ after two years.

Karas Revelation US edition
Source: Amazon

Second, the trade off for $#!7y key art is the fair price. Think it should be $10 for cutting out ED sequences for each episode, very little extras, and nasty key art but it’s lucky they put any bonus material on the disk.

Special Features (Shouldn’t widescreen be a standard by now?)
Cast interviews
Making of Karas
Storyboard sequences
Original Japanese cover art on reverse of slick
Anamorphic widescreen transfer and stunning 6.1 sound on both language tracks
Source: Madman’s

Compare it to the Japanese DVDs at The Karas which are available in sweet box sets. (*´Д`)

Japanese Edition I
Japanese Edition II
Japanese Edition III
Japanese Edition IV
Japanese Edition V
Source: TheKaras

Yes! It is eyecandy!

“We simply aimed to make a film where viewers would find Karas cool.”
Takayuki Chiba / CG Director

If that was a goal, they succeed.


2 Responses to “Karas The Revelation DVD 2 Update”

  1. Haven Says:

    I understand the Karas 4-6 have already aired on pay per view in Japan. 5 and 6 aired this month. It’s a little surprising no one has seen it. Some pictures would have been nice of karas battling Ekou and a good synopsis as well . I wonder if you have seen the remaining 2(Karas 5&6) and could post some info. Thanks.

  2. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Brief summaries for episodes 5 &6 are up but no screencaps until it’s available.

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