HSD Kenichi | 45


Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, eng

Spoilers ahead. Quick write up for now.

Miu’s necklace is important. It’s probably given to her by someone important and worn when she’s severely lonely like she is now due to Kenichi’s absence. My guess is her parents gave it to her or it belonged to them, specifically her mother.

It’s fitting Berserker names himself after the fierce Norse warriors because they’re known to worship Odin (in essence Odin’s warriors) he even has Berserker Mode.

Hermit is concerned about Shinpaku when he overhears students talk about Shinpaku’s precarious situation. He’ll definately help out Niijima and company especially since Matsui said the magic word— Nakama. No one can refuse “NAKAMA”! Anyone who’s seen One Piece will understand.

Freya thrashes Kisara for refusing to use weapons and leaving Ragnarok. Kisara explains it’s not a matter of pride but freedom to chose and defend her own beliefs. Then oddly enough, Freya refuses to fight after her staff is broken because she believes in defeating enemies without killing (a broken staff is no better than a knife or gun). Very hypocritical no?

Wondered who’d fight Loki first since his unforgivable crime, kidnapping Hanoka. It looks like Hermit is going trade fists with the villianous trickster first.


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