Blooper | Quick Change Miu and the Law of Probable Attire


Pop quiz! How long has Kenichi been training at Ryouzanpaku by episode 6, and who did he fight in that month? Read on for the answer.

Mistakes spotted in HSD Kenichi episode 8. This time it’s Miu who’s subject to rampant animator errors. Try to pick out the mistakes in the eight images.

Shredded clothing blooper

Figure it out?

1. Miu wearing an apron.
2. Suddenly wearing a pink t-shirt shortly after. Note the neckline.
3. Wearing the apron again.
4. T-shirt again but with a deep neckline.
5. Note the neckline is a deep cut and gone. Also her purple jumpsuit is revealed on her exposed chest. Look at the right boob near her hand.
6. Note the right boob again. Jumpsuit showing through where it didn’t before.
7. T-shirt neckline is back and her skin is showing instead of her jumpsuit.
8. Close-up of t-shirt neck line, magically back and not a deep cut anymore. The purple jumpsuit is covering her chest again.

Answer: He’s been training just “over a month” at Ryouzanpaku and fought Daimonji and Tsukuba in that time.


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