HSD Kenichi | 44


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Spoilers ahead.

1. Niijima bombards Hermit with paper entreaties to join Shinpaku even though his fists say “no”.

This maybe Niijima’s new tactic after Seig asked him not to use underhanded methods anymore (back in E42). He opts to overwhelm him and wear him down with Niijima style persistence. There’s there way Hermit will ever commit to a group as he is now. He still hasn’t had a personality breakthrough (still the same angry, split-personality school idol) like the other ex-Ragnarok members after fighting Kenichi. For example

Takeda is genuinely cheerful and trusts people, girl-crazy Ukita follows the rules now, Kisara isn’t obsessed over proving herself and has cat mania, and the most dramatic turnaround is Seigfried who went from psycho weirdo to goofy good guy.

Suspect if Hermit does join the Alliance, it’ll be a temporary one out of necessity.

2. The “convention” takes place at Restaurant Glay.

The legendary J-band, Glay is satirically reduced to a karaoke bar here. In their heyday, Glay was a sensation in Japan with their hard rock/pop blended music and sported a variety of looks through the years which included visual kei (succinct external link), a stylish movement in music that paralleled glam rock rock in the States only more extreme (think less lame spandex, more leather ‘n lace and anime hair). The word Glay can also be spelled “Gray” since “r and l” consonants don’t exist in Japanese. Abstractly speaking, it may mean there’s no specific music genre available but a variety of everything. Or maybe it’s indicating the karaoke restaurant is the middleground where the best and worst singers hang out.

3. Niijima’s gestapo dream is doomed to fail.

It’s no secret Niijima has grand plans to rule the world. The guys are fine with the militaristic salute but Kisara blanches. It’s not only embarrassing but it also has has a dorky hand spread. It’s similar to Spock’s greeting (Star Trek). As many know, it’s a running gag in the show that Niijima is an extraterrestrial due to his unusual features. But the salute is all he gets because they promptly ignore him and socialize amongst themselves.

4. Ukita <3 Kisara?

Ukita is especially chatty with Kisara during the party, sharing photographs of his pet cats with her (her known weakness). It’s pretty obvious it’s more than a nice gesture to help ease her transition into Shinpaku. Even Takeda asks him straight up if he likes her. Could it be, Ukita has a hankering for a girl after years of being a single bastard?

5. They all walk home after the party except Seigfried who goes home in a limo.

This is surely a sign Seig is wealthy. There are hints Kisara is also loaded. Check out her flashback about her birthday and Noir. Note her outfit, her parents lavish clothing, and the setting. Hermit is loaded for sure. Suspect Odin is too but there’s no real evidence other than his outfit but that’s a stretch. Why does it matter? Well if Saint Fist is added to the pool then it looks more like a well organized criminal organization. Remember Hermit’s father died suddenly and his mother was locked away as the culprit. Then he was saved from being murdered in the nick of time by Saint Fist. It’s all too coincidental.

6. Berserker snatches Ukita’s glasses.

“How many would this be?” – Berserker

This is a  joke from the comic never fully explained in the anime. Ukita always has spare shades on him should the first pair break.

7. Miu <3 Kenichi!

“Do you like him?” – Kisara

If Ukita’s answer was suspicious then Miu’s reaction to the same question is a positive, yes! Miu displays a classic defense mechanism (psychology concept developed by Sigmund Freud, more detailed info by C.G. Boeree) labeled Reaction Formation. Nice try Miu, but your busted.

Lets examine Miu’s interesting statement preceding the question before her self-incriminating answer.

“When I get lonely, my need to be around cats increases exponentially.” – Miu

Kisara is a sharp girl. She puts two and two together and figures out Miu is lonely because Kenichi isn’t around. The cat mania most likely stem from her parents death. There’s strong evidence the source of her feline infatuation is her father. It was implied her father liked cats awhile back when Akisame discovered a sleeping cat sculpture in his workshop (the only memento of his friend, Miu’s father). Notice, Kisara also suffers from cat mania attributed to trauma in her past involving her pet, Noir.

8. Is Freya and Berserker related?

Didn’t catch it before but Freya and Berserker have the same eyebrows. The colors of their eyes look the same too. Siblings???

Fist I and II related?

9. Niijima, the genius of running away uses his skill to lure Berserker away from Takeda and Ukita.

Crafty Niijima’s wild chase through the city in his tidy whities was to distract Berserker and get him to fall into his trap, literally. He really reminds me of Team Rocket. Like them, Niijima is “blasting off again” when Hermit jettisons him into the sky and digging holes in the ground like the comical duo. The real surprise is he helps out his comrades, a nice change of pace from his typical weasely character. However, he’s celebrating too soon if he thinks he outwitted Berserker. Remember, the guy won at poker even though Loki cheated. He’s probably just testing Niijima.


3 Responses to “HSD Kenichi | 44”

  1. WolFfx Says:

    Hey just a quick question how long does it generally take for the community to sub these releases?

  2. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Recently a day or two after airing, if all goes well fans may expect subs this week. However, predict delays from now on since summer is over.

  3. WolfFx Says:

    Ah i see, well thank you for your answer:)

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