HSD Kenichi | 43


Screencaps, View, Veoh: raw, eng

Spoiler ahead.

Mr. Ponytail is Ogata Ishinsai, the mysterious Saint Fist of Ragnarok. He was once a disciple candidate for Ryouzanpaku but was denied due to Elder’s objection.

Ogata tries recruiting Kenich but he’s refused. Funny how people either want Kencihi or want to beat him up.

Akisame talks about two types of Martial artists, Sei and Dou. Interestingly enough, his explanation of the two types sound like he’s describing yin annd yang (passive and agressive forces). I think Kenichi will turn out to be Sei, mainly because he was Akisame’s student first. Second, he has a passive nature to begin with. He gardens for fwaps sake.

edit: Kenichi is Sei by the end of the episode. :mrgreen:

The “path of asura” is the path of violence, destruction (death) and choas. It’s symbolically used to describe people on their way to self-destruction. The real reason Ogata’s in seclusion isn’t explained in this episode, but this may explain why Ogata went into seclusion in Yamigata.

Kenichi figures out by himself Ogata is a killer. He remembers Akisame talking about Miyamoto Musashi (a legendary swordsman from 16th century Japan) carving statues as atonement.

So I was right and wrong regarding another person in the forest. There was someone else in the forest but Ogata wasn’t the one tailing Kenichi. It was the Elder kicking at the back of Kenichi’s head the whole time. He did it to help Kenichi develop Seikuuken which he wasn’t able to do until the very end of the episode.

Entertaining episode, all the better because of the swooshy animation quality.


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