HSD Kenichi | 42


Elder’s Special Training! Do or Die Mountain Seclusion

Screencaps, View (mirr), Veoh: raw, eng

Spoilers ahead.

Very funny episode, where Kenichi is taken to the woods to train. Cliché? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Hayato forces Kenichi to fend for himself in the wild as part of his training. Which means he has to “hunt and gather” food for himself. He fails miserably and starves. Back at home, bad omens befall the dojo. Cups split left and right, even chop sticks! The puzzler is who’s the mystery person watching Kenichi? Won’t find out who in this episode unfortuately.

Elsewhere, the wiley Niijima tries to recruit Kisara through blackmail. She’s unmoved so Sieg steps in and uses the ultimate weapon: kittens. He whips them out from from under his jacket one after another and wins over Kisara who eventually agrees allying with Shinpaku is in her best interest.

Just noticed that Fist II, Berserker, has the same eyebrows as Akisame. Since the main characters have distinctive eyebrows, it seems too coincidental they share this particular aspect. The series show a good number of characters all tie in with each other directly or through association like Kenichi was once friends with Odin as children, and Hermit was taught by Sougetsu, Kensei’s older brother. So these two being related is possible.

Eyebrow comparison
Eyebrow comparison
Can’t find a single shot of Akisame without bangs
this episode. Epic revelation in the works?


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