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denno coil

01 メガネの子供たち
“Megane no Kodomotachi”
“Kids With Glasses”
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02 コイル電脳探偵局
“Koiru Dennō Tantei Kyoku”
“Coil Dennō Investigation Agency”
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03 優子と勇子
“Yūko and Yūko”
“The Two of Yūkos”
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04 大黒市黒客クラブ
“Daikoku-shi Heikū Kurabu”
“Daikoku City Hackers’ Club”
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05 メタバグ争奪バスツアー
“Metabagu Sōdatsu Basu Tsuā”
“Metabug Scramble Bus Tour”
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06 赤いオートマトン
“Akai Ōtomaton”
“Red Automaton”
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07 出動!!コイル探偵局
“Shutsudō!! Koiru Tantei Kyoku”
“Move Out!! Coil Investigation Agency”
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08 夏祭り、そして果たし合い
“A Summer Festival and a Duel”
“Natsumatsuri, soshite Hatashiai”
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09 あっちのミチコさん
“Michiko-san in the Other World”
“Acchi no Michiko-san”
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.ass 8-11


10 カンナの日記
“Kanna’s Diary”
“Kanna no Nikki”
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11 沈没! 大黒市
“Daikoku City Sinks!”
“Chinbotsu! Daikoku-shi”
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12 ダイチ、発毛す
“The Last Plesiosaur”
“Saigo no Kubinagaryu”
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Summary: Daichi’s new gang contract a highly contagious (not to mention hilarious) disease through illegals and spread through— a kiss?!? Best filler episode ever. :D


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