HSD Kenichi | 41


The Terror of Seikuuken! The Dragon Has Landed

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The promise was a fight.

“The real promise I made 10 years ago? Was it just a fight?”
“It was a fight. Man to man.”
Kenichi and Ryuto

The condition, winner takes the yin-yang badge. The reason behind the promise is still unexplained but it’s not about ownership of the badge.

“10 years ago, this guy did something unforgivable towards me.” – Ryuto

This begs the question how can a person forget doing something “unforgivable” to a best friend. Think the answer is in episode 40. As a kid, Kenichi forgot traumatic events on purpose like the incident when little Miu beating up the thugs in the candy stall.

“Oh yeah, there was something very scary. I tried so hard to forget it.” – Kenichi E01

What could be so unforgivable, Ryuto spends 10 years to fulfill? It’s definitely tied into the 2nd badge that he pulls out of his pocket. It’s worn and dirty compared to Kenichi’s. He calls it the “medal of a loser” then crushes it before chucking it to Kenichi.

Still think it’s because they had an argument over how they were going about getting strong. Maybe Ryuto beat the snot out of some bully and Kenichi didn’t think it was right; so he protected the bully from his friend which was like betrayal in Ryuto’s eyes. But this doesn’t explain why Ryuto created Ragnarok or what he hopes to gain by from it in the end. However, when he says stuff like

Hot for Miu
“That weakling doesn’t measure up to your standards.” -Ryuto

(Ryuto’s way of saying “Kenichi’s not good enough for you!”) it’s hard not to think this is some amazingly simple plot over Miu.

Turns out the auras are a big deal. It’s actually ki or chi. In short, it’s a type of energy found in people which is utilized in martial arts to make the practitioner and/or technique stronger. Was anyone else confused by Sakaki’s explanation of ki? He compares it to “killing intent” found in animals which can be used to pressure or feint against an opponent. Huh???

Here’s a translation of that translation. Instead of manipulating ki like in Naruto (called chakra, sanskrit equivalent to ki), in HSD Kenichi, ki is a natural field used to intimidate or stun the opponent with a force described as pressure i.e. killing intent. As with most protagonists of stories like this, Kenichi has a massive ki reservoir (think Bleach) he keeps suppressed. Possibly something he does unconsciously like his habit of holding back when he fights.

As for the ki colors, random or planned? The color of each character’s ki maybe related to chakra. There are Norse and Chinese references, so why not Hindu.

The funniest moment was Seigfried and Hermit’s reunion. Even though Hermit refuses to join Shinpaku, it’s only a matter of time before he caves. He’ll give in to Niijima’s tactics (extortion, blackmail, bribery) or a situation will force him to side with Kenichi. Very likely Ragnarok will probably force him into a temporary alliance with Shinpaku.

Used to think Seig was a creepy weirdo but since Niijima recruited him into Shinpaku he’s become more an eccentric goofball. Way more likeable than his morbid conductor persona.

Parting quote brought to you by Seigfried:

“I proclaim right now! ♪You will be baaack!♪”


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