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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Manga review: The best maid related manga in existence

Today we will dive into the realm of maid mangas. As you may or may not know, Japanese males have a thing for maids and/or young beautiful females in maid outfit. Because of such unique interest, there are numerous mangas in the market that involves a young man being served by maid(s). The most common formular is to stick a very pathetic, whimpy, and hopeless loser kid together with some stunningly beautiful maids. These male leads are often a failure at life but can always win the hearts of these female maids with his kind heart. Just like their cousin, romance comedy, the story often involves fanservice scenes (perverted scenes to be specific) where the male lead accidently touches the maid in the wrong area or sees her/them changing. Since these females are all very loving and forgiving beings, the lucky kid usually won’t get punished for his actions, maybe a punch or a bucket in the head at the most. Unrealistic? Yes. Total BS? Definitely.

Now that you know what the typical maid manga is like, lets check out this “best maid related manga” I mentioned in the title. I recently decided to do a little online shopping and got myself some manga. After spending an hour or so going through what they had to offer, I decided to pick up this manga call Kamen no Maid Guy (the masked maid guy). To be honest, this is a purchase I will never regret. This manga has one of the most messed up yet cool character I’ve ever seen. As you can guess from the title, the maid in this manga is a male. Before all the fan girls get excited, no this is not yaoi as the master he serves is a female, plus the maid guy himself is far from being your beloved “pretty boy”.

The story starts by introducing our famle lead, Fujihara Naeka, and her younger brother Kousuke. Unlike most highschool girls, Naeka has a strong passion for kendo and bushido while her brother is your typical nerdy fat kid. They are both the grandchildren of a billionaire. What Naeka doesn’t know is that she will inherit all those money on the day she turns 18 (she is currently 17). Sounds good for the lucky girl right? Not so much when all your relatives are planning to assasinate your butt to steal all the money. With this in mind her grandfather hired two maids/bodyguards/agents to help them. Since this sis and bro are living by themselves, it gives the old billionaire a good excuse to stick two maids with them saying they can help take care of the house. Of course he won’t hire any random maids. In order to please his grandchildren, he picked two maids who matches their hobby and interest. So what they got is a beautiful female maid, Fubuki, who is literally an all purpose maid (including fighting) and the all mighty Maid Guy Kogarashi. Typically, maids are suppose to make sure their master enjoys his/her daily life without and pain and suffering. Maid Guy Kogarashi, on the other hand, doesn’t work that way. During a few incidents where Naeka needs help on school work or kendo practice, Kogarashi will beat and torture her in order to keep her going. An ideal maid I must say.

What makes maid guy Kogarashi so special is the way he serves his master through his strange yet useful abilities. The one he uses the most often is his Maid Guy Eye. “Maid Guy Eye! It allows me to see through everything! Even if you are wearing clothes, you are no better than being naked in front of me, hahahaha!!!” He will use this ability on anyone, and I mean anyone, male or female. Its mainly used to detect whether that person is hiding anything that could post a threat to his master.
Another ability he usually uses along with his Maid Guy Eye is Maid Guy Scan. “kukuku, with my Maid Guy Scan I can instantly get all the info regarding your body condition.” Unfortunatley for the females, he always use this ability to remind them of their body weight…
There are many other odd ball abilities and tools he uses such as Maid Guy Super Vibrating Claw, Maid Guy Levitation, Maid Guy Badge, Maid Guy Ear, Maid Guy Copy, Maid Guy Healing Dance, Maid Guy Road, etc….

This is definitely one of the best manga I’ve ever read in my life (although it still doesn’t top GTO). Hopefully they will make an anime version of this in the near future.

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2 Responses to “MAID GUY EYE! The Insane World of Kogarashi”

  1. Random Violences Says:

    well I have news for you… there is no an anime of it.

  2. Puff Says:

    Well, now there is

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