Zero To Hero KENICHI


It’s amazing how much Kenichi has gained in popularity over the past few months. Kenichi averaged a dismal 2 hits a month back in March but now Kenichi draws the most traffic to the site. A little looking around the net, I was surprised to see Kenichi stats at almost 3k for E36, a complete 360 from it’s obscure debut.

So why the big turn around?

1. The Under Dog Factor.
We want to see the losers win. The sadist in us all want to see the pain and suffering as they struggle against insurmountable odds. Kenichi frequently undergoes painful (and amusing) training by the Ryouzanpaku masters. Such as being hung upside down over a fire pit to train his abs by Akisame, pushed around like a lawn mower at neck breaking speed by Sakaki, or the hapless victim of Apachai’s boxing training that sends Kenichi into orbit.

2. The Lech Factor
It appeals to the inner pervert in males everywhere. Check an earlier post about Kenichi humor. And lets not forget the 180 panty flash.

3. The Comedy Factor
Slapstick comeday and gags galore. There’s too many examples to name.

Petrified Kenichi
Kenichi’s expressions is the best cuz it never fails to draw a laugh. When he’s screaming, sometimes you can see his tonsils screaming too.

4. The Man Factor
Watching Kenichi’s journey from pansy to manliness is only half of the show. You watch it for the FIGHTS, of course!

5. The Sub Factor
The audience boost may come from another sub group picking up Kenichi for the eng audience. Before the subs lagged more than 10 episodes behind the TV series but is now only two episodes behind.

6. The Shounen Factor
There isn’t any engaging battle shounen titles this year. If anything, this is the year of the Mecha. Long gone are the days of Shaman King and Hunter X Hunter leaving One Piece, Eye Shield 21, Bleach, and Major to latch onto but since One Piece, 21, and Bleach are licensed it leaves Kenichi wide open to take up the slack.

Regardless, it’s nice to see this anime finally get some well deserved attention.


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