Ookiku Furikabutte | 06


Mihashi doesn’t suck. Sorry we didn’t believe you, Kanou.
The bottom of the 4th. Mihashi strikes out all the batters, keeping the score 2-0 Nishiura.
“Sorry, Kanou. i didn’t think I was underestimating him.” -teammate
“It’s still too early to apologize.” -Kanou

Pitchers face off!
Kanou looks at Mihashi so intently, he frightens him. “Kanou is definately a better pitcher than you.” (Hatake) Oda notes Kanou’s pitching improved after venting his frustrations, and he goes on to strike out all the Nishiura batters.

Better… stronger… faster. It’s Bionic Baseball! Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh!
Oda is first at bat but he still unable to get a hit off Mihashi. He short-circuits his brain trying to figure out the last pitch and fails to swing the bat.

Mihoshi’s stand-in coach assesses the Nishiura’s Amazonian coach.
Mihoshi’s assistant coach reveals just how much clout Mihashi has as the chairman’s grandson. If it wasn’t for him, the school would never have agreed to a practice match with a unranked school like Nishiura. The biased coach views the practice match as a joke since Nishiura’s team is all freshman and even worse, the head coach is a woman. Yet, he’s baffled why the team can’t get a run off Mihashi. It’s a scoreless inning by the end of the 5th.

Two batters walk.
Its the top of the 6th. Kanou walks Abe. Then Hatake purposely walks Tajima.

Don’t worry, Hanai. There’s nothing wrong with being second best.
Hanai tries to bring them home but he hits the ball straight to 3rd. Nice try, Abe, but YOU’RE OUT!

Jab at Mihashi.
When Abe jogs to the dugout, Mihashi is waiting for him. The timid pitcher tries to make small talk but Abe picks on him about Kanou instead. Mihashi finally gets what was bothering Abe. “I’m— not Mihoshi’s ally—,” stammers Mihashi.

The reluctant opponent
Mihashi doesn’t know what to do about the misunderstanding. I resolved to leave Mihoshi… I’m their enemy now. However it’s clear that he doesn’t want to be their adversary. Abe sees it’s best not to provoke Mihashi as it makes him less effective as a pitcher. Bottom of the 6th, it’s another scoreless inning.

Top of the 7th, Kanou keeps the batters at bay and the teams switch fields.

Yo! Mr. 100. Does Mihashi have an Achillies heel?
The assistant coach tells Kanou to take it easy. “Kanou, go rest! I’m told your max pitch count is a hundred.” Hatake agree’s with the coach. Oda interrupts and fishes for clues on how to beat Mihashi from Kanou.

He came from the darkness—
He tells Oda Mihashi has superior focus and control. Mihashi never threw a dead ball during a game.

What you say!?
Oda is surprise but he’s shocked when Kanou tells him the real sinker: Mihashi divides the strike zone into nine sections.

“You’re saying he’s controling the pitches so they go inside, outside, inside, outside?… Kanou, that’s something pitchers dream of doing.” -Oda

“Is it really that hard?” -Hatake
“WHA— !?!” -Oda
Hatake you baboon, how dense can you be? The assistant coach comes up with a unique countermeasure against Mihashi but it’ll only work once.

I got it, I got it!
Abe wants to end the 7th inning with a perfect, shut out game. The first batter hits a pop fly to the left field. Easy catch!

Magic 8-ball: Outlook not so good. Mizutani makes an error and fails to catch it.

Abe calculates the next play.
Abe formulates a plan to strike out the next batter, Oda.

If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain the same?
The assistant coaches plan:
1. For the first pitch, close your eyes.

...the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go; the air is shattered by the force of Oda’s blow.
2. Swing the bat, no matter what.
3. Look at the mitt before the call.
Since they know Abe asks for pitches that go inside-out or vice versa, the position of the mitt on the first throw will tell him where the next pitch is going while closing his eyes prevents him from being disoriented by the first pitch.

Spidey senses tingling!
Mihashi saw Oda swing with his eyes closed. When Abe signals him for for an inside screwball, a sudden flash of intuition tells him Oda will hit the ball. He pitches anyway because he can’t say no to Abe.

The secret to flying is missing the ground.
Oda smashes it into the sky. For a moment, it looks like Hanai will catch it but it’s just out of reach. A runner makes it home, and Oda’s on 3rd by the time the baseball makes it back infield.

Was it a lucky hit?
Abe momentarily looses his composure. He’s angry with himself for making a risky play instead of taking the safe route.

Oh Kami-sama! Give me a sign!
Hatake is sweating bullets looking for a way to read Mihashi. He catches Mihashi rubbbing the side of his middle finger with his thumb– a habit of his whenever he’s about to throw a fastball.

Home run, Hatake! Abe is stunned. He took a big blow to his pride with that homer. He’s so rattled, he forgets about Mihashi who internalizes the turn of events and blames himself.

Game over?
Momoe prepares to send in help when Mihashi looks like he’s going to crack.

Worthy of the pitcher’s mound.
Mihashi surprises her when he stands back up. He’s not done yet!


View(raw), Veoh(raw)



Mihashi gives up the ghost
Kanou lost the ability to blink in a tragic accident.
My heart goes chick chickee boom, chick chickee boom, chick chickee boom!
All I see is darkness. Oh, my cap is down.


To Be Continued…

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images copyright to their respective owners.


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