Masked Maid Update


For those who didn’t read the comic book, I bring thee Enlightening Summary!

“The series title character is Kogarashi, a huge (American superhero proportioned) musclebound maid guy who wears a mask, he’s assigned as protector of heiress schoolgirl Fujiwara Naeka who’s destined to inherit her fathers immense fortune within 6 months time. He has to fight off multiple asassination and kidnapping attempts using a variety of special techniques. There also sexy female maids in the comic. The story is full of slapstick gags and a sort of darker ecchi parody as Maid Guy is always seen as this huge grinning / brooding / imposing figure in relation to the petite / nubile / victim like female characters in the artwork.”

Source: ANS

Liking this anime more and more. I’ve been looking for a good comedy series since Over Drive doesn’t do it for me. The humor is too bizzare in that one. Half the time I think surprise butt s3x is immenent, and the rest is a mess of wierd jokes and awkward situations. Hayate the Combat Butler is suppose to be good but my attention starts to wander a few minutes into the show.

Followup to Anime Projects on the Back Burner


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