“Velvet Under World” For Women In Late 20s


Enlightening info on this anime thats geared toward “women in their late 20’s”. The animation is the brainchild of Takehito Koyasu a popular seiyuu in Japan who also created the the TV series, Knight Hunters.

“The story occurs in Tokyo, Uruyu Tomoe is a new fresh detective who was seriously injured after becoming involved in a messy affair. The mysterious girl named Velvet rescued him and he survived, miraculously recovering. In an operation his left hand was replaced with an artificial one. His past memory before the time of his incident remains hazy. He was robbed of everything and the names of thirteen murderers who attacked him were engraved in his skin at that time. Tomoe is recruited as an underworld executioner by Velvet and inherited the legendary assassin’s code name, Aya. He swears vengeance, seeking out the thirteen murderers one by one in an effort to bring out the ringleader. Velvet, alias V, who is the granddaughter of the superintendant general of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police recruits criminals (who have excellent abilities) to the underworld in order to have them execute outrageous villains cut loose by the court system and who are beyond the realm of arrest. Now there are 13 troops who have been retrained as underworld executioners including Aya. He organizes his the team depending on the situation, sometimes taking one person and sometimes all 13. The sides lock in battle, each utilizing their own secret martial arts fighting techniques.” -Jonah Morgan
Source: ANS

Followup to Anime Projects on the Back Burner.


One Response to ““Velvet Under World” For Women In Late 20s”

  1. darkstar51 Says:

    I would just like to ask if you have any idea when the anime is coming out? Or is it already out with subtitle… its just that i’ve been waiting for this anime for a while and I just lost all info about this since the promo video. I would so love to get to watch this so if you have any latest information I would be so thankful.

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