“Yumedamaya Kidan” Pushed Back to Fall


Yumedamaya KidanThe annual 5th ANIMAX 2006 Grand Prize winner “Yumedamaya Kidan” by Akari Tsukino was developed by Production I.G. and sceduled for release November 2007 after it was pushed back from a summer debut.

“Akari Tsukino’s submission was chosen from 905 entries made in 2006” and announced as Animax Awards winner underground at the Tokyo Geo-Site. Read more about it at AVwatch and check out the stellar pics. I believe this is where TT2 drew much of their inspiration for the underground fight between Kai and Galileo.

Summary: “In the fantastic story Naho (11) is an elder sister who enters her younger brother Jun’s (2) dream. They live with their father as their mother died soon after Jun was born. Naho acts in the mothers place in relation to her brother watching after him at home however and the situation is frustrating to her sometimes as she wishes to go out and play with her friends. A man with a slender figure who has a big trunk shows up before Naho one day. He introduces himself as Kotaro of Yumedamaya and he guides Naho into the dream world. Mysterious phenomenon begin manifesting themselves to Naho in her natural everyday surroundings after meeting Kotaro. She strays off into a dreamworld of her younger brother and soon encounters her own mother.” -Jonah Morgan

The unique style competes with Mononoke for the experimental anime category so the winner will be the one with the better story.

Source: ANS
Image source: Animax

Followup to Anime Projects on the Back Burner.


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