Buzz Beater Origins


Buzz Beater web comic

Buzz Beater originally began as a web comic drawn by Takehiko Inoue in 1997. It was eventually serialised in Shounen Jump then bound into a tonkoubon before it was finally adapted to an animated TV series aired by WOWOW back in Feb 2005. ANS features an article on the new production Buzz Beater 2007, a remake of the original anime from 2 years ago.

“The animation quality was much better than the previous series (which I have viewed in its entirety) and the basketball action was fluid 3D panning through the fullcourt of play.”

Thoughts: Holy time warp, that’s grade-A history right there. You see children, in the old days, only primary colors were available for newsprint and Photoshop was just starting to go mainstream then, so they didn’t have the sophicated techniques we have today. The worst Photoshop offender, Image comics! If they weren’t gradient crazy they went mad with the PS filters. Stop by the local geek shop, I’m sure they have piles of old Image comics lying around. Buzz Beater’s web comic isn’t that bad, old fashion but amusing to read and it’s free. Hell that’s ace in my book.

Followup to “Anime Projects on the Back Burner


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