Haruka Naru Spoof | Behold My Staggering Beauty


[Salwa] HaruToki Video Game – Akuram Ending (April Fools 2006)

Haruka Naru Toki No Naka De Hachiyoushou video game spoof
View, Youtube

Description: So~o funny xD. Found it on an off site dedicated to Haruka Naru Toki. The reference to wells I believe is uniquely Japanese becuaes it’s so proliferate in the media there as symbolically dark or magical. For example the horror film, Ringu (hollywood remake called The Ring) and the popular anime and manga, Inuyasha. Ringu is about a tragic girl thrown down a well where she turns into a vengeful ghost. Inuyasha is the name of a half-human, half-demon boy and his adventures with Kagome, a modern day girl transported back to feudal Japan through a well. Oh right, there’s a well ghost in Ghost Hunt too.


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