Quote Me | WE MISS HER


Straw Hat crew: “WE MISS HER!”
Zoro: “Quit whining about it! If you didn’t want to leave her behind you should’ve just taken her by force!”
Chopper:”Ah! You neanderthal!”
Nami: “You suck!”
Sanji: “Marimo.”
Luffy: “Santouryuu.”
Usopp: “Wait, Luffy. ‘Santouryuu’ isn’t an insult.”
Luffy: “Yontouryuu.”
Luffy and gang, One Piece

“Santouryuu” (Santōryū) = 3 Sword Style
Zoro Roronoa’s specialized attack he’ll call out when using three swords.
“Yontouryuu” = 4 Sword Style
Luffy makes it up. If 3 sword isn’t an insult maybe 4 sword style is. :mrgreen:

One Response to “Quote Me | WE MISS HER”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    ‘Santouryuu’ isn’t an insult.” got a good laugh….

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