*Warning! There be spoilers here!*

Found a great post to help all the confused folks out there. It’s a butt load of information to clarify all those nagging questions about Karas. Agree with most of it except #7. I think the events are taking place at the same time. Just as the old Karas is dying, Yurine chooses Otoha in the next bed, to be the new Karas. It didn’t register at the time but the way Otoha was brought into the hospital was a clue about his past. He’s not quite the wholesome guy as we’re lead to believe.


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Explanations for some karas scenes
« on: August 18, 2006, 05:49:32 AM »

#1 comment I’ve received about this series is “Umm I don’t get it. what the hell does this (or any number of other scenes) mean??!??” so I figured that I might as well try to explain a few. This guide goes in the same order as scenes appear in the movie, it’s a long post but hey there are a lot of obscure references!

To start off, the “bullet time” affect is used how the matrix movies should have used it. ie, it illustrates the acceleration/decceleration of the perception of the combatants. A battle or actions by/with karas or demons can occur in the blink of a human eye, I only assume that they can speed up/slow down their perceptions so they can interact with the human world. If a battle does occur “in between” seconds then the humans around it simply experience the after affects (such as the bridge scene).

1) yes the girl selling cakes in the opening scene is hinaru three years prior.

2) The girl with the sword in the mall is another karas, since it is drawn she was authorized to interfere. Also she rescued Hinaru (where she woke was not in the mall). I suspect that they are related (perhaps a comatose sibling?)
note: the actual lazer firing was in “bullet time” when Karas defended against the lazer’s and they reflected, those were the blasts the humans witnessed.

3) when karas is slain the bobbles on yurine break, but only the right ones, most likely since the projection of the soul was broken. hypothetically if the left bobbles broke the karas human body is being slain….. all bobbles light up when karas’s lock is released.

4) the hosipital emergency scene is Otoha being wheeled into ohkubo east hospital

5) Mofo alert: snail demon stole the ticket, nue wanted to give it back…. but didn’t because kure’s response was unfriendly

6) The demon transports hinaru to eldritch to show her goblins.. nue attacks him in the batheroom, since demon battles are much faster, in the time kure gasped, it escalates to outside the station, the mikaru fled to the sewers via the drain outside. Nue crushes one of the mikaru’s eyes. (just to clarify, the bathroom is not underground)

7) the terrified man in the hospital is the old karas 3 years prior being declared dead (yurine’s flashback) the movement is not to a seperate bed, but the same bed in the present, only this time occupied by otoha.

8} the girl that says hello is yoshiro. Sagisaka’s daughter.

9) when Otoha looks into the talisman he is empowered with the knowledge of being karas (as well as other pertainant knowledge)

10) in Karas’s final transformation vs. the water goblin, when the black lines connect to the goblin he is pulled into the air for the final strike.

11) the demons popping in and out of existance are most likely using shortcuts in the human world to get to different parts in the demon world faster, same goes vice versa.

12) the “cherub nurses” had bags under their eyes to begin with.

13) the scythe mikaru isn’t speaking a standard japanese dialect (japanese subtitles are on the right of the screen)

14) Eko holds a white mouse while a black mouse runs around in the maze as well, symbolizing otoha and ekou. Yurine’s are cats after all…

15) the eye marks that are shown in the yoshiro flashback illustrate an unknown mikaru (those with eko are not the only ones around).

16) just as the water goblin mikaru used water, Nue is most likely a lightning based demon.

17) the girl karas crushes wanyudo’s eye, which was still alive, I suspect that the eye’s are a core aspect of a mikaru (since so much emphasis is placed on a symbolic eye….)

18} the yurine trapped in the container is eko’s true body, since she appears unconcious it explains how eko can transform without her authorization. His karas is always unlocked.

19) Mofo alert: the police chief is a mikura. Kure gave him the info on otoha’s and another patients appearance and location. The second man on the list is the first one killed, (by the spider mikaru).

20) the aid refers to eko as an old timer, since the karas’s have comatose human bodies, and the opening battle occured 3 years ago. Eko might actually be a comatose old man, if he was contracted many years ago.

21) Karas’s projected form is connected through yurine to his physical human body. Yurine realizes the mikura’s intent because she heard the snail demons exclamation through otoha’s connection to his body.

22) I believe all yurines are a collective entity or perhaps seperate aspects of one entity, regardless, what one thinks/feels, is known by any/all the others (unless unconcious).

23) the symbol that is shattered as yurine is captured is possibly; the physical manifestation of karas’s and her covenant, the grounding point of her manifestation to communicate/act within the demon/human worlds, or perhaps the channel of her power from another source. Not sure on this one, but since otoha didn’t die (and the bobbles remained), it appears only the connection was broken, and I don’t think yurine manifestations can be killed normally.

I have some more speculations about plot line/references, but I’ll put that on a seperate post tomorrow (sleepy, and this post is long enough already gomen nasai!) anyways arigato ani-kraze! jah!

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