Russian HA HA, Naruto Parody


Sample from Stupid Sakura Project (in original RussianĀ format)

Sample from Stupid Sakura Project (in original Russian format)If Stupid Sakura*Project flash animations tickled your funny bone, visit nn_meg’s livejournal to view the original SS*P comics (Russian) to see how the unique style has evolved. For english speakers, visit nn_meg’s Deviantart account for translated copies.

Kooky fun read. The combination of engrish, unique take on Naruto concepts (Sharingan is a pair of red glasses), and crazy art style make this comic. Poor Sakura. No one likes her.

Stupid Sakura Project 19 in Eng/r/ish.
Sample from Stupid Sakura Project comic 19
Sample from Stupid Sakura Project comicĀ 19

15 Responses to “Russian HA HA, Naruto Parody”

  1. joe mama Says:

    you suck at drawing and that was not funny

  2. shizune hianta Says:

    the most crapest eva the drawings are scary adn wats wid the mouth…

  3. dakota Says:

    cant understand one word at all.dont say that is the ponit

  4. anonymous Says:

    this is like that crap on youtube

  5. Lagoon Says:

    nice. made me laugh.

  6. nikki Says:

    thats so stupid!

  7. miriam Says:

    …… T-T wtf?

  8. lindere Says:


  9. dawn Says:

    that was so stupid it made me want to die

  10. sasukny Says:

    LOL.. kinda cute

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Screw what everybody else says that’s funny stuff!

  12. omar30000 Says:

    one of the naruto parody was fun,but the others were so BORING!!!!!!

  13. I don't want a nickname Says:

    Joe mama, the drawings aren’t by d373 but nn-meg. So shut up.

  14. narutocursor Says:

    I don’t understand some parts. Maybe my IQ is very low….lol

  15. Gee Says:

    I dislike Sakura, as well as Sasuke. I like this comic.

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