Quote Me | Lucky Devil


“Luck is one of my skills.”
“That’s what’s got me so worried.”
Isamu Dyson and Yang Neuman, Macross Plus

Notes: Original quote
Isamu Alva Dyson: Hey, we’re expected.
Yang Neuman: Well, since no trick I know is gonna work now, I guess we’ll just have to bust our way in. We’ll blow some of the unmanned sats in orbit and use the fragments as cover when they burn up on re-entry. If we create enough targets, the defense systems don’t know what to aim for. Of course, to keep them from spotting the plane while we’re going in, we’ll have to keep the flight systems turned off. My simulation estimates it should give us our best opportunity. At least I think so.
Isamu Alva Dyson: What do you mean? I’m counting on your calculations.
Yang Neuman: Well, of course, I’d expect that you would, but you see…
Isamu Alva Dyson: Never mind. Just trust my skill.
Yang Neuman: Skill has nothing to do with this. It’s gonna take pure luck this time.
Isamu Alva Dyson: Luck is one of my skills.
Yang Neuman: Yeah, I know that. That’s what’s got me so worried.

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