Ookiku Furikabutte | 03


“Practice Match”

The practice match with Mihashi’s old teammates is tomorrow but he’s still crippled by feelings of regret about his disasterous pitching at Mihoshi Middle. The two he believes he’s wronged the most is the catcher, Hatake, and 2nd pitcher, Kanou.

Crushing weight of reality. Hanai’s first awareness that he’s not the best and that Taijima at a level beyond comprehension. Taijima’s score, 1st try: 7.9 sec. Hanai: 18 sec. Takaeguchi is holding up a board used to train hand-eye coordination and improve peripheral vision.

Abe frustrated. He questions Mihashi’s desire to play baseball. “It’s the fourth day of training camp but I don’t feel like I know you any better”. (Abe)

Mihashi still unable to sleep. Mihashi asks himself, “Am I not cutout to be pitcher?”

Mihashi’s old teammates (left to right): Hatake and Kanou.

Hatake isn’t pleased Mihashi stills plays baseball, and he reveals Mihashi wasn’t just disliked by his ex-teammates but they also bullied him. “Maybe I should have broken your arm that time.” (Hatake)

Abe he overheard everything. He interrupts the two before the situation gets out of hand.

Mihashi is a mess so Abe uses Momoe’s empathy technique. “It’s okay. You’re a good pitcher.” (Abe)

“It’s a lie!!” Holding his hand has the complete opposite effect and Mihashi breaks down completely.

[ Abe ] Empathy Technique: Fail.

Abe moved to tears by Mihashi’s hardships and dedication to pitching. He reflects on what Mihashi is going through and is able to understand him.

Abe level up! Empathy Technique level up! Learned Compassion!

Abe has an ephipany. The catcher’s role is to be the pitcher’s pillar of support.

[Abe] Empathy technique: Sucess. Abe finally gets through to Mihashi.

“I like Abe, too!” blurts Mihashi innocently. An awkward moment for Abe that’s too much like a confession.

Newly recruited, Mihoshi scholarship student with a kansai accent.

Kanou shows off his specialty--- the fork ball.

Crushing weight of reality part 2. Hanai in another fit of dispair when Taijima states mattter-of-factly he can hit any pitch.

“Let’s win ourselves an ace!”

Abe explains Mihashi can’t move on because he continues to be enslaved by his past. Nishiura High must win the first 1st practice match against Mihashi’s ex-teammates to severe their hold over him.

With Abe on Mihashi’s side, Momoe’s plan is coming together but what’s her true motive? “For me, this game may hold a bigger meaning.” (Momoe)




begins! "STRIKE." Or not—

“It’s useless to hide behind me because there’s nowhere to hide on the mound.” (Abe to Mihashi)


Screenshots (complete)
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To be continued...


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