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Hailing from the land of the rising sun is OS-tan, the personification of Microsoft’s operating systems, represented by a family of girls. They are said to be spawned from 2chan, a Japanese BB, discussion equating Windows ME’s unstable nature to that of a troublesome girl. The idea eventually generated ME-tan and her Microsoft OS family.

OS-tan family

Their popularity eventually lead to a flash animation called Troubled Windows (save as).

Windows 95

95 wears a windows colored hair ribbon and a traditional kimono patterned after the Japanese Windows O/S desktop wallpaper (hana256.bmp). Typically seen a gentle, motherly figure engaging in traditional past times like drinking tea and completely clueless about technological advances. 95 wielding a katana symbolizes Microsoft dominating the OS market.

Windows NT

Windows NT

Portrayed as a little doglike girl because the “N” of NT sounds like “inu” which is Japanese for dog. Hair coloring is blue with white tips adorned with a yellow bow. She wears a collar and a simple light blue dress. Wears boots and mittens shapped like paws. Another variation is a pregant woman symbolizing her as the mother of the NT family (ex. ME and XP)

Windows 98 and 98SE

Windows 98SE and 98 (left to right)

Early concepts portrayed the operating systems as pocky boxes with chopstick limbs (a reference to Vulcan 300 from the anime Konjiki no Gash Bell), no doubt infering it’s a poorly contructed os platform. Today 98 and 98SE is portray as two girls wearing a sailor uniform and windows scarf with the former in blue wearing a 98 barrette and the later in green with her hair tied to one side. Pocky boxes assumed sidekick roles as the sisters became the face of 98.

Windows ME

Windows ME

Microsoft Windows worst operating system. It’s personified as a green haired girl with two braided pig-tails wearing a maid outfit and a Bang (!) badge, Windows error icon. Her behavior and personality is inline with known and documented issues plaguing the OS. She’s shown failing at “anything she tries to do, often literally crashing and irritating her sisters. Additionally, when she is not frozen or out of control, she tends to do things showing a lack of common sense or knowledge, such as putting soda into a microwave oven…”(Wiki)

Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Windows 2000 and XP

The completely revamped 2000 OS is celebrated as solid, stable operating system because it’s built like a brick. 2000 is personified as an intelligent, dependable girl wearing a lab coat over a Windows logo swimsuit. Se wears a maid bonnet with a distinctive hair clip that look like cat ears.

XP is viewed as a bloated, memory hog which was translated into a large breasted girl wearing a tight blue/white dress and surrounded by empty bowls of rice. She wears an XP barrette always worn on the left side.

OS-tan fans have expanded outside of operating systems and personified applications too. Read the comprehensive character list at Operat1ve.

Windows Instant Messenger

Various OS-tans


Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images copyright to their respective owners.

Notes: View more images at Wakachan, OS-tan imageboard, OS-tan Collections.

† Anime used loosly to represent Animation and Comic style typical of Japan.

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  1. X_Hunter Says:

    Pretty cool, but… Maybe a loss of time ¬¬’ … Oh well, what else they should invent now?!

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