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Team Nishi Lineup

Nishiura High
By Order of Appearance. Names displayed in original Japanese arrangement: last name then first name.

Mihashi, Ren三橋廉 Mihashi Ren (声優 seiyū: 代永翼 Tsubasa Yonaga)
Extremely timid. Crybaby. Zero confidence in his pitching ability. He throws slow but has great control. To elaborate, ameteur pitcher’s divide the strike zone into two halves. Pro pitcher’s divide the strike zone into 4 parts. However, Mihashi divides the strike zone into an unheard of 9 sections and pitches to each area with near perfect precision.
守備位置 Position: Pitcher
誕生日 DOB: 05-17
血液型 Blood Type: AB
投・打 Throw/Hit: Left, Right

Momoe, Maria百枝まりあ Momoe Maria (声優 seiyū: 早水リサ Risa Hayamizu)
Vivacious, driven ex-softball player who runs Nishiura Prefectural High School’s first official baseball team. She was asked by Shiga to help revive the baseball team. She’s strong. Optimistic. Fearless. When Hanai questions her ability to be coach, she proves she’s more than qualified for the position through effective demonstrations of her skill and strength.
守備位置 Position: Coach
誕生日 DOB: 4-18
血液型 Blood Type: B
投・打 Throw/Hit: Left, Left

Shiga, Tsuyoshi志賀剛司 Shiga Tsuyoshi (声優 seiyū: 室園丈裕 Takehiro Murozono)
Math teacher who revived Nishiura’s baseball team with Momoe. He’s knowledgeable about various fascinating, yet odd scientific information outside of his field. Sakaeguchi later explains he heard Shiga attended school and various seminars before he started up the baseball team. Shiga teaches the team about the importance of training their mind as well as body to increase concentration and motivation; thereby reaping greater results.
守備位置 Position: Faculty Supervisor

Momoe’s pet dogAi
Momoe’s pet dog, affectionately called Ai-chan. It’s cute. We think it’s a Welsh corgi. There are two breeds of corgi’s: the Cardigan and Pembroke. The Cardigan is the larger breed with bigger ears and long, bushy tail. Momoe possibly owns a Pembroke based on it’s diminutive size. It could also be an Akita, a species of dog native to Japan. This seems like the most logical answer but it doesn’t have the tell-tale curly tail (try saying that really fast), a common trait of this breed (unless it’s a puppy). A famous, true story in Japan features an Akita named Hachikō. The remarkable dog greeted his owner, a professor at the University of Tokyo, at Shibuya Station every day during his lifetime. After his owner passed away, Hachikō faithfully continued to return to the station to wait for his owner until his death 11 years later. The nation was captivated by Hachikō’s story and raised a lifelike statue in front of Shibuya Station to celebrate the dog’s loyalty. A memorial service for Hachikō is held every year at the station on April 8.

Shinōka, Chiyo篠岡千代, Shinōka Chiyo (声優 Seiyū: 福圓美里Misato Fukuen)
Her job description is to manage the equipment and take care of the players. US teams don’t have an equivalent position because it’s handled by various people, typically male youths (i.e. batboy, waterboy, towelboy, etc.). Fan translators label her as “manager” but a better title is team “coordinator“.

Abe, Takaya阿部隆也 Abe Takaya (声優 seiyū: 中村悠一 Yuuichi Nakamura)
Level headed strategist. Blunt, straight-forward personality. He finds Mihashi unpleasant but teams up to make him a real ace pitcher.
守備位置 Position: Catcher
誕生日 DOB: 12-11
血液型 Blood Type: O
投・打 Throw/Hit: Right, Right

Sakaeguchi, Yūto栄口勇人 Sakaeguchi Yūto (声優 seiyū: 鈴木千尋 Chihiro Suzuki)
He and Abe practiced baseball with Momoe during spring break.
守備位置 Position: 2nd baseman

Tajima, Yūichirō田島悠一郎 Tajima Yūichirō (声優 seiyū: 下野紘 Hiro Shimono)
Excellent baseball player who attends Nishiura High because it’s close to home. Outgoing, impulsive type of guy. He has the charisma of a all-star athelete and could possibly be a baseball prodigy.
守備位置 Position: Third baseman
誕生日 DOB: 10-16
血液型 Blood Type: B
投・打 Throw/Hit: Right, Left
Quote: “I can hit any type of pitch.”

Hanai, Azusa花井梓 Hanai Azusa (声優 seiyū: 谷山紀章 Kishô Taniyama)
He initially refuses to join Nishiura’s baseball team because the coach is a girl. He accepts Abe’s 3 strike challenges but loses to Mihashi’s pitch control and Abe’s strategy, so he has to join the team as consequence.
守備位置 Position: Outfielder
誕生日 DOB: 4-28
血液型 Blood Type: A
投・打 Throw/Hit: Right, Right

西広辰太郎 Nishihiro Shintarō (Seiyū: 保村真 Ryōhei Kimura)
He one of the guys who washed dishes when they arrived at traing camp.

巣山尚治 Suyama Shōji (Seiyū: Makoto Yasumura)
The other guy who helped out with dishes at training camp.

泉孝介 Izumi Kōsuke (Seiyū: 福山潤 Jun Fukuyama)
Abe has Izumi practice with Mihashi before the game with Mihoshi begins.

水谷文貴, Mizutani Fumitaka (Seiyū: Kenichirō Sumi)
Missed an easy pop fly during the practice match with Mihoshi, incuring Abe’s wrath for screwing up his plans for a “perfect game”.

Mihoshi Academy
The baseball team is mainly composed of Mihashi’s former teammates from middle school. They resent Mihashi for becoming ace pitcher through connections and believe he’s a terrible pitcher.

KanouKanō Shūgo (声優 seiyū: 大須賀純Ōsuka Jun)
Kanō or Kanou is the only one who greets Mihashi during the practice match between Nishiura High and Mihoshi Academy. Though his teammates view Mihashi as an incompetent pitcher, Kanou views Mihashi as a rival and desparately tries to beat him in the practice match.

Hatake the catcherHatake Atsushi (声優 seiyū: 大畑 伸太郎 Ōhata Shintarō)
Hatake is more outspoken about his resentment towards Mihashi. He also believes Kanou is the better pitcher but because of Mihashi, he wasn’t able to pitch back in middle school. The resentment skews his objectivity and he continues to view Mihashi as a poor pitcher though it’s proved otherwise during the practice match with Nishiura. Later, Kanou reveals Hatake is the only one who who says Mihashi became pitcher through a “favor”, instead of ability.

OdaOda Hiroyuki (声優 seiyū: 福山潤 Fukuyama Jun)
Oda is new to the team which is primarily composed of Mihashi’s old teammates. He doesn’t know the whole story regarding Mihashi except what he’s heard through rumors. Kanou gives him a cryptic warning in the dugout when it’s almost his turn at bat alluding the rumors are false. He later upsets Kanou when he reveals he’s not serious about the practice match.

Source: Oofuri

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images copyright to their respective owners.


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