Tokyo Tribe 2 | 13


First Impression: The truth behind the accident— unexpected. (Spoilers)
TT2 E13

Skunk is left with the burden of truth: Mera’s girlfriend kills herself but he’s a jackass with his own complexes. It means one less person to compete with for Mera’s attention. The person really in question is Kai. He spent all that time around her and was completely clueless to her state of mind. After the DJ competition, she gave him hints to her meloncholy but he’s so thick he didn’t get it. A happy-go-lucky guy without a care in the world. One could view his obliviously carefree attitude as being self-centered.

Think the story could’ve been told in 3 episodes. I don’t deny the visual aspect is good but they took a small plot and stretched it out over 13 episodes. Ugh.


6 Responses to “Tokyo Tribe 2 | 13”

  1. Ivan Says:

    i was just wondering who was that special guest…where Kai said Welcome Back…. o.o? there was this guy who wore Tera-san’s Cap and he was the bodyguard of Nkoi…forgot the name though…could he be that guest? or Mera didn’t really die..and he was that one who was welcomed back.

  2. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Galileo (Nkoi’s bodyguard) is under Tera’s influence at the end of e13. It seems like he’s the one Kai is waiting for but the special guest is actually Mera. The yellow boots is a dead giveaway. It’s Mera’s trademark throughout the series. They’re friendship prevails. :D

  3. ChongLi Says:

    Actually, if you look in the parking lot when it shows the exterior view of Pennys, you’ll see Mera’s ‘monster’ truck parked outside.

  4. Bodzy72 Says:

    Man this story is soo intense i cant wait 2 read the rest of the volumes

  5. lirical assasin Says:

    i like who ever published these books. they r very eyechatching

  6. kanjiiz Says:

    I think it’s Mera.

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