Tokyo Tribe 2 | 07


TT2 E07

Sumamry: Sunmi’s real name is Erika N. Darshia the runaway grand-daughter of Daishisai of Hong Kong, Buppa’s boss who sent Jyada to retrieve Sunmi. Buppa is completely ignorant of the fact he has Sunmi working as a call girl. Skunk tries to blackmail Sunmi for sexual favors to keep silent. She goes postal on his genitial instead of complying. In revenge, Skunk contacts Jyada and snitches on her then launches an attack on Saru.

Sunmi and Kai run into each other on the eventful night. Jyada find them and it’s a game of cat and mouse the whole night with the bionic killer. Mera is piss about the unauthorized streetfight between Wu-ronz and Saru so Skunk tells Mera Sunmi’s secret to save his skin. Elsewhere, The Hand help Saru fight Wu-ronz but they have a special treat for Jyada: a fully armed tank. During the tank fight, Kai hides Sunmi and lures Jyada away on a wild goose chase but his luck finally runs out and is about to be choked to death. Mera shows up in the nick of time, lead by Sunmi, and runs Jyada through with his katana but he’s not dead yet. Jyada takes off with her when the two ex-best friends get into a fight. He’s stopped with a running kick to the back sending Jyada crashing out a buildings window and plummeting to the ground with Kai on his back. The group separates with a dazed Kai getting picked up by Hashim, Jyada fleeing the scene, and Mera leaving with Sunmi in a taxi.

Saru members are already back at Penny’s since the fight with Wu-ronz ended. Saru’s nerdy Secretary hides outside feeling bad about betraying Saru and afraid of the repercussions. Tera makes an appearance to give him much needed guidance. Kai spots the confused secretary and they go to a sushi bar to talk it over. He started working for Skunk while they were in high school then after he joined Saru, Skunk made him spy on them. Kai is understanding and forgives him.

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images copyright to their respective owners.

Sunmi’s lips keeps growing bigger and bigger…
big lips
enter the dragon
And up next: Sumi – Bruce Lee’s secret love child?!


One Response to “Tokyo Tribe 2 | 07”

  1. Bodzy72 Says:

    Ive read frm vol. 1-7 and the story is very interesting, i hope to find out what happens afterwards. This story is so good.

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