VLC Basic Troubleshoot


VLC is one of many media players I’ve tried and thought I’d share basic troubleshoot tips.

Problem #1: VLC 8.6+ no longer opens multiple video windows.
Solution: VLC can still open multiple players.

Tick Advanced Options
Preferences menu>select Advanced
Untick “One instance when started from file”

Problem #2: VLC doesn’t automatically loop playlist
Solution: Set preferences to autoloop.

Tick Advanced Options
Preferences menu> select Playlist
Tick “Repeat All”

Problem #3: Videos are too dark or too light
Solution: Extended GUI

Settings>Extended GUI>Tick Enable>Adjust Brightness
That will take care of the too dark/too light problem. On very rare occassions you may need to mess with the Gamma but Brightness will typically take care of the problem.

Problem #4: I want to make screenshots
Solution: Use snapshot feature
2012-03-09: Shift+S… hold down to take multiple snapshots

Video>Snapshot or right click>snapshot

Problem #5: Subtitles overlap, displays text not ment to be read, and/or is unusually large when playing mkv files or using external (soft) subs.
Solution: Use another video player. As of v8.6b, VLC has known documented problems with these file types. The coders are suppose to fix it this summer if I’m not mistaken.

One other thing I found looking through the settings:


A heads up for the privacy advocates. There’s a option called “Collect statistics” automatically ticked at install. I don’t know what it is and searches come up with nothing.

For more extensive help try VideoLAN Forums, VLC Wiki or visit VLC’s Support page.

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Thank You!

  2. Mohamed Says:

    Thank you very much.

    I really thank you

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