Don’t Think! It’s Winx Club!


Winx Club [DoA]It’s inconcievable. It’s irrational. It’s Winx Club airing on 4kids TV every weekend. On the surface, it’s a cute animation about fairies, clothes, magic and boys. But under the flashy exterior, beyond the poorly written stories and superficial characters, are brow raising messages broadcasted to impressionable minds everywhere.
1. Girls! Don’t think! Stella is in a life and death situation and has to figure out how to save herself and exclaims, “There’s no time to think!” and plummets over a waterfall resting her hopes on a miracle.

2. Boys! Be stupid! Riven is chased by monster and goes through the proper course of action when in tough situations. When none of the above applies he “does the first thing that comes to mind” and jumps out a window which is located on a castle situated high on a mountain. Note: I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the fact the last course of action is actually a part of Redfountain training or that he survived the fall. It’s never explained.

3. Men rule! Girls serve! It’s very subtle. The Trix are hell bent on taking over the world and yet they end up serving evil male villians. Okay bad example but the Trix are the only ones who aspire to be more than a fashion statement or fairy queen. This is probably a better topic. The Winx girls don’t have big aspirations. None of the girls try to be than they can be, strive to be the best at anything. Maybe it’s unintentional but the show gives off the feeling girls shouldn’t ask for more because only bad witches or evil people want more. All they do at school is look pretty and learn magic. And not strong magic because it’s dangerous. On the otherhand, Redfountain boys learn combat skills, go on missions, and participate in tournaments involving dragons and hyperbikes. The girls– go shopping.

Don’t Think! - Bloom [DoA]

Yes, sir. Premium broadcasting right here. This Italian animation is brought to you by 4Kidz, the quality censor people.

Copyright (DoA)niimation 2007. All images and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

2 Responses to “Don’t Think! It’s Winx Club!”

  1. unico Says:

    Gee, all of sounds like the typical Japanese Animation plot.
    So why not let Italians do it too?

  2. PrincessJ Says:

    yep, i agree with you at one thing at least, because 4Kids has done a terrible job with Winx Club. the winx girls in 4K version are REALLY obsessed with fashion. 4K has changed a LOT of dialogues, scenes etc. if you had seen the original version, you would have had another opinion about the show, ‘cuz i love this show. :))

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