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By Order of Appearance *Spoiler Alert*

LostmanJack F. “Lostman” Woodbridge
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Hiroaki Hirata, 平田 広明 Hirata Hiroaki)

Impassive man who climbs Mt. Everest with his best friend, Goro. Bored after conquering the highest mountain on earth, he aims for outer space after seeing a satillite from the summit. He goes back home and joins the American Air Force to attain his goal.(MLM Ep1)


Gorou Saruwatari
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Kazuhiko Inoue, 井上和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko)

The mellow but compassionate Goro conquers the highest summit on earth with Lostman. When they decide to go to space, Lostman joins the military while Goro goes to work in the private sector as a specialized construction worker. He’s 27 by the time ISA is formed.(MLM Ep1) He started mountain climbing due to his father’s influence. He entered Takenaga Construction Company the same year he conquered the highest summits of all seven contenents. He gains all the necessary certifications to pass the building specialist requirements necessary for ISA. He already anticipated the need for specialists four years ago.(MLM Ep2) Goro is sent as Takenaga’s official astronaut candidate to ISA training base where gains recognition for creating the Power Loader’s operation manual. Then he racks up fame for coming up with the winning rescue plan to save Chris Jefferson when the Power Loader goes into a spin when its hit by space debris. Soon after, he’s chosen to man Japan’s first rocket, the H-III, set to launch the next year.(MLM Ep3)

McDowellPresident Jim McDowell
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Tadahisa Saizen, 西前 忠久 Saizen Tadahisa)

McDowell steps up priority on a secret military project he wants competed before the world governments consolidates all space programs. (Ep 1)


Flora Bonmarche
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Kikuko Inoue, 井上 喜久子 Inoue Kikuko)

Part of a french expedition team who got caught in an avalanche while scaling Mt. Everest. She was the only survivor rescued by Lostman and Goro, who nicknames her “Snow White”. Her husband, Jean, wanted to take her to the top of Everest where a satellite could be seen on a good day. As the trio wait out a blizzard, she perishes from severe internal injuries. Lostman and Goro reach the summit and see the satillite mentioned by Flora visible like a beacon in the sky. Taking it as sign from “Snow White” they make space their next conquest.(MLM Ep1)

Steve O’BrienSteve O’Brien
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Kinryuu Arimoto, 有本欽隆 Yoshitaka Arimoto)

Astronaut working on the space station seen by Goro and Lostman from Mt. Everst.


(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Naoki Imamura, 今村 直樹 Imamura Naoki)

Another astronaut working at the space station with O’Brian.

(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Yousuke Akimoto, 秋元 羊介 Akimoto Yōsuke)

Another astronaut at the space station. Plays the viola.


Riyoko Ikeuchi
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Rie Tanaka, 田中 理恵 Tanaka Rie)

She’s the human resource officer managing the astronaut candidates at Takenaga Construction Company headquarters. They will send one candidate to ISA for business and ambassadorial reasons from the private sector. She uses her position to help one applicant in particular, fellow collegue Kuramochi. She supplies him with insider information on other applicants competing for the candidacy, helping him succeed in order to further her own career.

(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Masaki Terasoma, 寺杣 昌紀 Terasoma Masaki)

Elite graduate of Tokyo University, he’s a sucessful business man with a picture book family and expecting another child. He’s the top astronaut candidate at Takenaga. He has an affair with Riyoko and uses her to gain an edge over the other candidates.

Moera and Tracy

Moera & Tracy

Astronaut Chris Jefferson’s single sister who has a daughter named Tracy. She has a tendency to cook ethnic foods depending on the guy she’s dating. Goro lives with Moera while he trains at ISA.

Chris JeffersonChris Jefferson
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Unshou Ishizuka, 石塚 運昇 Ishizuka Unshō)

Major League candidate turned astronaut. 1st Building Specialist to work on space station construction. He completed 28 construction missions while in outer space. When Chris returns to earth, he has reserves about his sister dating Goro. He goes back to space in 6 months to test a new construction equipment, the ISA Space Pod, AX-48 Power Loader created jointly by Japan and the US. During the testing, the Power Loader has equipment failure stranding Jefferson. The situation is complicated when the Loader is hit by space debris sending it into a spin. Goro works out a simulation that stops the rotation, saving Jefferson and the Nexus Project from disaster.


Ivan Prochnow
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Hiromi Sugino, 杉野 博臣 Sugino Hiromi)

Astronaut working outside on the space station when Jefferson tests the AX-48. When the Power Loader experiences equipment failure, Ivan is deployed un a Space Box to help Jefferson. He’s unable to help and subequently recalled when the Loader is suddenly hit by space debris and sent into a spin.

Yoshie Saruwatari
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Keiko Tsukamoto, つかもと 景子 Tsukamoto Keiko)

Kousuke Sawamura
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Hiroki Takahashi, 高橋 広樹 Takahashi Hiroki)

(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Masashi Yabe, 矢部雅史 Yabe Masashi)

Maggie Hiraoka
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Tomoko Kawakami, 川上 とも子 Kawakami Tomoko)

Fatma Toure Gutuu
(seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Atsuko Tanaka, 田中 敦子 Tanaka Atsuko)

Souichirou Saruwatari
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Hironori Miyata, 宮田 浩徳 Miyata Hironori)

Portia Rodzinski
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Hisayo Yanai, 柳井 久代 Yanai Hisayo)

Malik Ali Muhammad
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Jun Fukuyama, 福山 潤 Fukuyama Jun)

Deputy Director Gainsbourg
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Toru Ohkawa, 大川 透 Ohkawa Toru)

Akemi Saruwatari
(Seiyuu/声優 seiyū: Yuki Makishima, 牧島 有希 Makishima Yuki)

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