HSD Kenichi | 21



image pack
New!(5-6-07) screenshot
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh
New! (2007-07-21) View

Summary: Takeda is ambused by Ragnarok during his walk home from Ryouzanpaku. He’s fully prepared to take them on alone but in a surprise turn of events Ukita defects to defend him. Kisara easily defeats the two and leaves them to her goons. Koga is especially fired up and intends to break Ukita’s arm to satisfy personal grudges. Kisara doesn’t stop him though she obviously feels his actions are distasteful. Kenichi arrives in the nick of time and stops Koga. Kenichi snaps when he sees Takeda and Ukita’s condition and beats the hell out of Ragnarok while Miu distracts Kisara, whom she nicknames Sara much to Kisara’s irritation. The fight gets personal when Kisara calls Miu a dairy(milk) cow because she’s jealous of Miu’s busty physique. Back at Ryouzanpaku, the masters are concerned about Kenichi (especially Shigure, Apachai, and Sakaki) but they’re somewhat conforted knowing Miu is with him. Just as Miu defeats Kisara, Niijiama appears with a band of followers to save the day which is coincidentally after Kenichi takes out most of the goons. Kenichi chastises Takeda for not calling him for help sooner to which the ex-boxer humbly replies its because he didn’t want to involve Kenichi. Takeda makes it clear the fight served to completely free Ukita and him from Ragnarok and they won fight because they refused to give up. Niijima reveals he’s created his own gang to stand up against Ragnarok named the Shinpaku Alliance, created using the first character of Kenichi’s name his name. While they bicker, Miu ponders Tsuji’s warning about a second Fist. From a far, Fist Hermit silently observes.


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