HSD Kenichi | 20



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New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh
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Summary: Tsuji warns Kenichi that Kisara will attack Takeda soon and the 6th Fist, Hermit, will bear witness. Shivering in terror, Niijima recounts how only 3 Fists wiped out 50 opponents. Realizing he can’t protect Takeda in his current state, Kenichi finally caves and asks Akisame to teach him real techniques.

Kenichi tries to warn Takeda about the imminent attack but the boxer brushes it off. He finds it pointless to worry about the inevitable. Indeed, a more pressing issue is Niijima’s constant harrassment. His lastest mischief is an exposé naming Kenichi as #1 for defeating Tsuji. Kenichi tries to convey his dismay to his “friend” who behaves more like a “nemisis” but the wiley light foot escapes Kenichi’s wrath. His flight speed inpressing even Takeda. Kenichi earnestly gives the boxer his cell number in case of an ambush by Ragnarok. Though he appreicates the gesture, Takeda flirts with Miu, prefering her number instead. His carefree attitude frustates Kenichi to no end.

One by one, the masters teach Kenichi techniques but Ma Kensei decides to stop technique lessons for the the day when he begs for mercy. Shigure is terribly disappointed. Kenichi is left to practice with Sakaki and Apachai while Akisame leaves for his clinic. Miu tells him Takeda is already there for his appointment.

Takeda’s nonchalant attitude about Raganrok was a front to hide his apprehension because he thinks he’ll loose against them. Though he regained the use of his left arm he’s still crippled by a defeatist attitude. In response, Akisame takes Takeda to Ryouzanpau where he watches Kenichi train for the first time. It’s a shocking an moving experience for him. Takeda is ashamed at his weakness when Kenichi submits to intensive (abusive) training for his sake. Though he appears cowardly, Kenichi is surprisingly brave; drawing strength from protecting those he cares about. Akisame tells Takeda he’s not alone and can’t give up before Kenichi. Kenichi doesn’t know Takeda is there until Miu tells him the boxer is leaving. He is displeased Takeda is walking around haphazardly with Ragnarok on the prowl. Kenichi forces Takeda to exchange cell numbers, making him promise to call if he’s ever in trouble.

Ma Kensei shows off his cellphone, the lastest model no less, impressing Kenichi and inspiring Apachai to demand one. Budget is tight so Miu refuses. Her grandfather improvises and offers Apachai the dojo’s rotary phone instead. Miu has a fit because the Elder ripped it out from the wall.

Ragnarok surrounds Takeda during his walk home. Instead of calling Kenichi as promised he decides to fight on his own. Ukita steps up first but instead of fighting Takeda he throws Koga and quits Ragnarok instead. Ukita knows no one has escaped from the gang so he intends to go down fighting. Takeda corrects him, “Don’t go into a fight thinking that you’re going to lose.” On cue, Akisame visage makes a flash appearance to spout, “By Akisame.”

In the following uproar, Takeda’s phone calls Kenichi when it gets knocked around. After listening to Kenichi’s cellphone, Ma Kensei directs Kenichi and Miu to search routes near overpasses to find the boxer.

Kisara held back while her goons fought Takeda and Ukita but when they’re defeated she steps in to clean up. As Kenichi and Miu race out to find Takeda, Kenichi wants to know why Takeda didn’t call him.


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  1. angelica miclat Says:

    this anime totally rox~!!!

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