HSD Kenichi | 16


HSDK Ep16 Screenshots

image pack.
New!(5-6-07) View screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh
New! (2007-07-21) View

Summary: Tipped off about suspicious living arrangements at Miu’s home, two of her teachers make a surprise visit to the dojo which sends Miu into a panic. It’s easy for Kenichi to understand why, looking at the chaotic state of the dojo. To make matters worse, her grandfather is away on business. Out of options, Miu forces Sakaki and Shigure to pose as her parents.

Review: Humorous story filled with visual gags and slapstick humor. Fluid lines. Lots of SFX. Dynamic action. Compare the screenshots to past episodes to see the difference in quality.

New ED: The music is okay but I don’t dig the melody, and the synthisized elements are annoying.

Sakaki’s achellies heel? Acting. All the bravo he showed off in the beginning was a front to hide his severe stage fright. It’s also very telling of his character. Watching him sweats bullets for being dishonest makes for good comedy though.


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